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Log Thrower guide: tips, tricks, and cheats

Everything you need to know about Log Thrower

Our Log Thrower guide provides you with all of the knowledge you need to sharpen and shoot your logs like a pro. The developer, Playgendary, filled this puzzler with cinematics, explosions, and your own funfair to populate. Each of these features is designed for you to let your hair down – if you have any – and unwind while you blow things up using your handcrafted ammunition and stylish cannon.

What makes the one-touch puzzler addictive is its combination of features. For starters, you sharpen your very own ammo out of whatever you can find. Whether it’s a battery or a telescope, Log Thrower proves that you can fashion anything into a weapon. Once your weapon of choice is sharp enough to stake a vampire, your next job is to stuff it into a cannon and time your shot. Landing your cannon’s power bar in the top segment will ensure ultimate carnage and will often leave a satisfying yet disturbing smile upon your face.

It’s fair to say that Log Thrower may not be everyone’s cup of tea but, if you’re looking for a cheap thrill, then you will struggle to find much better.

Everything in our Log Thrower guide:

Log Thrower download: how to get on iOS and Android

Downloading a copy of Log Thrower is as easy as going to the App Store or Google Play and clicking the download button. Once it’s installed, hours of destructive fun await!

Log Thrower APK: How to bypass Android app stores

If you are looking to play Log Thrower without going through a traditional Android app store, then you need to use an APK. Our trusted source is APKPure, but any trustworthy site will do.

Log Thrower PC: How to play on the big screen

Mobile gaming is fun, but do you know what will make it better? Playing on a big screen! Thanks to the wonderful world of emulators, you can play mobile games on your PC safely and easily. One emulator you could use to download a copy of Log Thrower is Memu Play.

Log Thrower online: can you play with friends?

Log Thrower is a single player puzzler that challenges you to fire sharpened log-like projectiles at destructible targets. At the moment, there are no multiplayer or network capabilities. 

Log Thrower tips, tricks, and cheats

Shooting razor-sharp logs out of cannons isn’t exactly rocket science, but that doesn’t mean it’s a walk in the park. Follow our tips and you’ll expand your funfair in no time!

  • Timing is everything: when you’re sharpening the log or taking aim, you will need to time your taps. When sharpening your log, look at either the bar at the top of the screen or the translucent highlight on your projectile to make it as sharp as possible. The same can be said for setting the power of your cannon: wait until the bar is in the green before you tap
  • Always tap early: there is no consequence for tapping early in Log Thrower, meaning you can’t fail if you are slightly underpowered or not perfectly sharp. As soon as you go overboard, specifically when sharpening your log, it’s impossible to get all three stars on that level
  • Visual appeal: when you get the chance to exchange tickets, make sure you exchange it for something that matters. Upgrading the device that sharpens your log is not very important, because it’s out of shot in a matter of seconds. Getting a new log, cannon, or item to destroy is far more pleasing on the eyes
  • Stockpile your tickets: if you are offered the chance to open a box, you should do it. Value each box at 500 tickets, because that is how much they cost to open normally. At the end of each level, you can watch an advert for 75 tickets – this is a poor return. You would need to watch seven videos to gather over 500 tickets to open one box, or you can open one box with one video

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