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Mobile gamers help LongLeaf Valley to plant one million trees

Climate-conscious mobile game LongLeaf Valley plants one million trees globally thanks to the thoughtful actions of its player base.

LongLeaf Valley one million trees: Ash, a tan skinned cartoon woman with peach pink hair and glasses holds a smiling otter. She is wearing a white tak top and her tattoo sleeve is visible. She is outlined in white and pasted on a slightly blurred photograph of a real tree farm in Madagascar

TreesPlease Games has announced that thanks to player action, its debut mobile game LongLeaf Valley has planted one million trees. The studio opened in 2019 with the aim of changing the planet for the better through games and the team’s effort has clearly paid off.

LongLeaf Valley operates on a ‘play it, plant it’ model, which translates your progress through the story into real trees planted on our planet. As you work towards restoring LongLeaf Valley National Park through relaxing merge gameplay, you’ll earn tree tokens that you can exchange to plant a tree through TreesPlease Games’ partnership with the Eden Reforestation Project. The project works to reforest areas across Latin America, Asia, and Africa while providing jobs and protecting local wildlife species.

TreesPlease Games’ strategy employs similar storytelling techniques to other successful wildlife games out there while also providing players with the chance to make a tangible difference in a convenient and fun way. As the team puts it, “Low player effort, but high environmental reward.” The studio’s CEO and co-founder, Laura Carter, used her industry experience from Square Enix and Playstation and her personal passion for environmental conservation to create “the first games-for-good studio with positive climate impact at its core.”

At the time of writing, LongLeaf Valley’s players have planted over one million trees through their gameplay, an achievement equivalent to offsetting the carbon emissions of over 5,600 cars. To celebrate, TreesPlease Games is running an in-game event, the Treellionaire Cup, to give you a chance to earn rewards and plant even more trees.

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A representative from the Eden Reforestation Project said, “Through our partnership with TreesPlease Games, we have reached an incredible milestone together of planting over a million trees, bringing significant progress in landscape restoration that not only supports the planet but creates opportunities for local communities and wildlife and ecosystems to thrive. We are excited for the future of our partnership, and look forward to helping gamers contribute to the health of our planet.”

You can download LongLeaf Valley for yourself on the App Store and Google Play to get planting today.

So, LongLeaf Valley has planted over one million trees through merge gameplay – here’s to one million more! If you’re after something else horticultural, check out our Botany Manor preview ahead of its upcoming release.