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Lord of the Rings Heroes of Middle Earth simply walks onto mobile

What do your elven eyes see? A new mobile game, Lord of the Rings Heroes of Middle Earth, now available for Android and iOS users.

Lord of the rings heroes of middle earth release: an elf and a figure in heavy armour clashing weapons

Even the smallest person can change the course of the future and another Lord of the Rings mobile game can find its way into our libraries. The Lord of the Rings: Heroes of Middle-earth is out now on Android and iOS, and we’re excited to dive back into Hobbiton and its surrounding areas.

EA and Capital Games’ new title launches on both platforms for free – though there are some microtransactions in the game for characters and items. Those who signed up during the pre-registration should receive an instant download, wasting no time transporting you to the Shire.

Heroes of Middle Earth is an RPG based on the beloved books by J.R.R. Tolkien, letting us meet wanderers, warriors, and wizards in a new story. We, the players, discover another abandoned Ring of Power and set about dealing with it in an appropriate manner.

This is the first proper look we’ve got at the game since its reveal in 2022, and we can now say that it’s a turn-based game involving strategic content and plenty of stories. It’s not just stories you know and love, this title takes a risk by imagining possible LOTR timelines, like a world where Galadriel accepts the ring or a world where Sauron never finds it.

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The Lord of the Rings title has a ‘stylized realism’ art style and makes use of the extensive lore (the lore of the rings, you could say) created in the trilogy and adjacent books like The Hobbit. There are also plenty of characters from the series, including an appearance from the mythical Tom Bombadil.

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