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The best truck games 2024

Drive away on a new adventure with our picks for the best truck games on Nintendo Switch and mobile platforms. Lorries, HGVs, and other long vehicles aplenty.

truck games Monster Jam Steel titans 2: a monster truck in an arena

Trucks. We all see them, going about their business on the highways carting cargo from A to B. But instead of learning to drive one ourselves, let’s try some truck games on Switch and mobile to test the water before we commit to a full HGV license and a life on the road.

If you want some other gaming goodies, we have all the working Anime Fruit simulator codes, Fortnite Creative 2.0 codes, and Survivor io codes for money, boosts, and other in-game currencies. No trucks, though.

Honk if you’re ready to get into our list of truck games!

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Clustertruck – Switch

Clustertruck is a platformer like you’ve never seen. Your aim is to avoid the floor and get as much air as you can while bouncing off and driving over exceedingly badly driven trucks.

But that’s not all – there are more and more obstacles occurring as you head through different stages, adding new mechanics and gadgets for you to use.

truck games Monster Jam Steel titans 2: a monster truck in an arena

Monster Jam Steel Titans 2 – Switch

This is the anticipated follow-up to Monster Jam, and is packed with plenty of trucks, maps, and online multiplayer, too! You have the choice of a whopping 38 kinds of monster trucks to drive and pull off their best stunts as they compete in stadiums you’ll recognize from real life.

truck games Truck Simulator Ultimate: a blue truck in a warehouse

Truck Simulator: Ultimate – mobile

The Truck Simulator universe is large – it not only includes Ultimate, but USA, and Europe versions, too. We recommend all of them if you’re a fan of truckin’, and they’re all easily accessible on iOS and Android.

It’s a mashup of simulator and tycoon games that allows you to expand your fleet of trucks and hire staff while traversing the world as a logistics company. Set up new routes and visit new countries to spread your brand! There are also multiplayer aspects here so you can show off your truck skills to your friends.

truck games Transport City truck Tycoon: the overworld map of a town

Transport City: Truck Tycoon – mobile

It’s not a best-of-list without an addictive tycoon game, is it? Our pick is Transport City: Truck Tycoon. Available on mobile, you can sit back and relax while your empire grows.

You run a transport company, involving pick-ups and deliveries with your own range of trucks and vans. It takes inspiration from real-world logistic systems, so you know you’re in for a good time.

truck games truck and logistics simulator: a view of some vehicles on the road

Truck and Logistics Simulator – Switch

Really, how many times can we say ‘truck’ in this list… Well, here’s one more. Truck and Logistics Simulator on Nintendo Switch brings in a lot more vehicles to play with, including forklifts, cranes, and loaders.

The aim is to master the logistical side of life and take care learning how to deal with fragile cargo. The better the state it arrives in, the more points you get.

truck games snowrunner: a truck in a snowstorm

SnowRunner – Switch

Go off-road for a change in SnowRunner, where it’s you and your truck vs. the elements. You must deliver precious cargo while battling through cold and icy treacherous conditions. Keep an eye on your damage meter, as it could spell the end of your trek.

Truck games - Trash truck simulator: a lovely trash truck

Trash Truck Simulator – mobile

Ever since Trubbish and Garbodor released in Gen 5 of Pokémon, we’ve had a soft spot for garbage. So we recommend Trash Truck Simulator.

Collect the trash and burn it at the local facility, earning you money each time. Then, you can spend that to upgrade your arsenal of garbage trucks and furnaces. Happy trash hunting!

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