Mario Kart Tour battle mode drifting in with a new update

It’s not just the Nintendo Switch version seeing new content, Mario Kart Tour battle mode is finally making its way into the mobile game

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Mario Kart Tour fans, rejoice! Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for Switch won’t be the only place where you can take part in the classic battle mode for much longer, with the much-requested match type finally arriving in the Mario mobile game in the near future. So, it’s time to get ready to pop some balloons, lob some shells, and just cause chaos in a little kart with a few friends.

The Mario Kart Tour battle mode update is great news for those who have been hotly anticipating it, with Nintendo announcing the arrival alongside changes to the Mario Kart Tour Spotlight Shop, and both decisions go a long way to impress the community of players. It also shows that Nintendo is still enthusiastic about its mobile title, with new regular racing tracks arriving alongside the DLC additions to the Switch game.

The arrival of Mario Kart Tour battle comes with some classic battle arenas. The much loved GCN Cookie Land map is here for you to take sweet revenge on sour memories from the Gamecube era, while SNES Battle Course 4 heads even further back in time with the classic green, yellow, blue, and red course. There’s more in the pipeline too, with battle mode looking to make its mark on the mobile title.

When is the Mario Kart Tour battle mode update live?

You can download Mario Kart Tour version 3.0 from now, but the battle mode mechanic won’t arrive officially in-game until Nintendo chooses to make it available. We’re not sure exactly when that is yet, but when we get an official date, we’ll be sure to update this page.

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With that, you’re up to date on Mario Kart Tour battle mode red shelling its way into Nintendo’s reimagined racer. For more high-speed pursuits, check out our picks for the best mobile racing games.