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Mario Kart Tour shares 2022’s most in-demand drivers

Everyone has a favourite Mario Kart character, but with so many variations to choose from in Mario Kart Tour, it’s hard to predict who will take first place

Mario Kart Tour best drivers: From left to right, Petey Piranha, Chef Rosalina, and Cat Luigi with white outlines, pasted on a blurred background of the MKT key art

Mario Kart Tour is one of Nintendo’s most successful mobile games, so the company is taking the time to celebrate. The official Twitter page has started sharing in-game statistics from 2022, starting with the Mario Kart Tour best drivers.

Based on data from January to November of this year, Chef Rosalina is the most purchased driver from the Mario Kart Tour Spotlight Shop. She was closely followed by Pink Ninja Shy Guy in second, and Petey Piranha in third.

Mario himself takes up three of the top ten spots, with White Tanooki Mario placing fifth, Tuxedo Mario from Super Mario Odyssey taking eighth place, and Cat Mario following closely behind in ninth. Cat Luigi ranked higher than his brother, occupying sixth place.

Mario Kart Tour top drivers: An image from the MKT Twitter account detailing the most purchased drivers from January to November 2022. In order, they are Chef Rosalina, Pink Ninja Shy Guy, Petey Piranha, SNES Donkey Kong Jr, White Tanooki Mario, Cat Luigi, Chargin' Chuck, Tuxedo Mario, Cat Mario, and Luigi's Mansion King Boo.

Tomorrow, the Mario Kart Tour Twitter announces the top ranked karts in the game.

There you have it, the most popular drivers in Mario Kart Tour for 2022. Did your favourite make an appearance? If you’re looking for more kart racing fun, check out the Mario Kart Tour holiday update.