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Mario Kart Tour set for a first-lap physical with the Doctor Tour

The Mario Kart Tour Doctor Tour is coming to take your temperature as you rocket around a Nintendo DS fan-favourite track with Mario in his medical outfit

Screenshot of Doctor Mario and Peach for Mario Kart Tour Doctor Tour news

There’s a new season of racing on the horizon, with the Mario Kart Tour Doctor Tour right around the corner and ready to take your temperature. Complete with its mascot Doctor Mario, the new event promises to be more fun than your last physical, though that’s not much of a challenge.

The new track for the Mario Kart Tour Doctor Tour is a DS fan favourite Shroom Ridge, known for its twists and turns around a mountainside, with plenty of opportunity for drifting. You can make the most of racing through the mountain pass with either Doctor Mario, who we mentioned before, Doctor Peach, or the new character for this tour, White Shy Guy.

Each new event in Mario Kart Tour means a new Mii racing suit and for the Doctor Tour, it’s the Para-Biddybud suit, complete with wings on the helmet. It doesn’t quite fit in with the general medical theme, but hey, we’ll take all the Mii gear we can get our hands on.

When is the Mario Kart Tour Doctor Tour?

The Mario Kart Tour Doctor Tour runs from February 21 through March 7. That’s just a short window to pick up all the goodies, so make sure to get racing through Shroom Ridge as much as your thumbs can handle.

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There you have it, everything you need to know about the Mario Kart Tour Space Tour. For more drifting and dodging, check out our picks for the best mobile racing games and the best Switch racing games.