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Mario Kart Tour goes Greek with its new Spring Tour

Mario Kart Tour’s Spring Tour brings new tracks to the mobile racer, plus there’s a new Mii racing suit for all you Nintendo Wii lovers out there.

Mario Kart Tour Spring tour - Mario in a Hawaiian shirt, red hat, and blue sunglasses looking chill, alongside Rosalina in a long black dress holding flowers with her blonde hair tied up, and lakitu on the right, a creator on a cloud, with a face on the cloud and a flower in its forehead. All superimposed onto a blurred background of a track with characters racing on.

Mario Kart Tour’s Spring Tour arrives just in time for, well, spring, bringing new destinations to the mobile game. This time around it features the Athens Dash tour plus some other European destinations.

As always, there’s also a new wave for the Mii racing suits. You can check out the trailer here but I wouldn’t get too excited about it – it’s just blue. It’s not even that nice a shade of blue but hey, at least it’s something.

Mario Kart Tour’s tours – a nightmare of naming from Nintendo this stuff – come thick and fast nowadays. We’ve had the Yoshi Tour and Ninja Tour previously, and I do wonder when the team will run out of names.

Anyway, here’s the trailer for Mario Kart Tour’s Spring Tour:

YouTube Thumbnail

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