Our favourite Mario figures

If you’re looking for some Mario figures for the Nintendo lover in your life, we’ve put together a veritable Mushroom Kingdom of amazing toys

Custom image for a Mario figure guide with Mario spinning Cappy in toy form

We all love Mario figures. There’s no better way to show off your love and connection with Nintendo’s plumber mascot, from play-a-long lego versions, right up to those fancy fellows you never want to take out of the box. Still, with so many variations on the moustachioed plumber to choose from, it can be hard to find the exact Mario figure you’re looking for, and that’s why we’re here to help.

If it’s Mario Kart Hot Wheels or best Lego gaming sets you’re looking for, hit the link on those guides, as you’re in the wrong place. Or, if you’re more interested in Roblox than Nintendo’s mascot, check out our guide to Roblox toys, and pick up some in-game freebies with our Roblox promo codes.

With that out of the way, here are our picks for the best Mario figures.

Mario, Luigi, and Peach

If you’re not bothered about getting some Mushroom Kingdom overworld with your Mario figures set, you can’t go wrong with this trio of classic characters. With apposable legs for double jumping and plenty of detail in the moustache, it’s Mario and pals as you know and love them.

Mario versus Bowser

In a more action-packed offering, this Mario figure set pits the hero against his arch nemsis, Bowser, with a Bob-omb minion on patrol. With these two, and just a bit of imagination, you can recreate all the times you and Mario have bested the Koopa King together in your own front room. What a time to be alive.

Mushroom Kingdom castle playset

Take back control of Mushroom Kingdom’s castle with this Mario figure playset, with all the stars from the game included. The classic castle gives you the opportunity to free Princess Peach yourself, taking out Bowser’s and his goons on your way. For the price, there’s few playsets more generous than this one.

Golden Mario figure

There’s not too much I can say about this one. Look at him! He’s golden!

Bowser’s Airship

Big Mario fans will know there’s few more iconic locations in the long-running series than Bowser’s airship. Now, you can take this vessel of the sky for a spin yourself, with Mario at the helm, as the legendary airship takes flight around your living room.

Raccoon Mario

Oh, so golden Mario wasn’t good enough for you? Well, how about raccoon Mario? Inspired by the classic power-up, this simple figurine gives our hero a lovely set of animal ears, as well as the little leaf powerup pal.

Cat Peach

Why not get an animal-inspired pal for raccoon Mario with this Cat Peach figure? Complete with her pink onesie, this figure would make the perfect pastel pink accompaniment for any desk or workspace.

Talking Mario

We’ve saved the best until last with this talking Mario, the only figure on this list likely to shout “mamma mia!” up at you. Standing over 12 inches tall, and with more than thirty lines of classic Mario dialogue coded into his little plastic brain, this Mario figure is the most fun out of all entries on this list at parties, but is just as happy to sit on your desk as a little bit of memorabilia.

There you have it, all the Mario figures you need to fill your mantelpiece. For more big names in small versions, check out our picks for the best Sonic figures.