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Mario Kart fans rejoice! You can now glide through lightning

That pesky Mario Kart lightning item can send your first place flying almost as well as a blue shell, but a recent patch makes this a thing of the past

Mario and Luigi in karts on a blurred background for news about Mario Kart lightning news.

Mario Kart 8 has sold almost 50 million units and has been available since 2014, yet somehow it’s received a recent update that changes the way one item works. The Mario Kart lightning item, which makes you all tiny and spins you out, now no longer stops you from gliding through the air.

While at the back of the pack, you may receive a slight shock and a little spin, if you’re crossing a large crevice in the hunt for the lead, a mistimed lightning shock used to send you hurtling down the order quicker than you can say “mamma mia” (you know, like Mario).

As shared in a tweet, spotted by Nintendo Life, this is now a true thing of the past. With gliders now impenetrable to lightning, is that going to make overcoming the leader harder than before? Only time will tell, but it sure is a big change this late into the game’s life.

Mario Kart lightning update

So, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe’s most recent update means lightning no longer zaps you out of the sky while gliding. To celebrate, why not check out the original trailer? Just to realise how long we’ve been playing this game.

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That’s all the Mario Kart lightning nonsense we’ve got for now. This comes alongside the Mario Kart custom items update if you want to learn about that.