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Super Mario Odyssey amiibo - every amiibo and what it does

If you’re wondering what the Super Mario Odyssey amiibo are used for, just follow our handy and detailed guide that runs through how everything works

Three themed Super Mario Odyssey amiibo

Super Mario Odyssey helped propel the Nintendo Switch towards the huge number of sales it has now achieved. It didn’t reinvent the franchise like Breath of the Wild did for Zelda, but as a follow up to two of the best platformers ever made, it does a sterling job. It fights for the title of best Mario game alongside both Super Mario Galaxy games, and that’s pretty impressive.

So, with such glowing praise around it, you’ve probably picked it up for the Switch. As a Nintendo die-hard, I have a few too many amiibo, and if you’re the same, you may as well make use of them. Of course, there are Super Mario Odyssey amiibo specific to the game that net you special rewards, but you can actually use any amiibo with this title.

So, read on to find out what unique rewards you can get with some amiibo, and then go get ‘em. If you’re itching for a sequel to this stellar platformer, we’ve got a Super Mario Odyssey 2 release date guide to make sure you’ve got all the info you need.

Super Mario Odyssey amiibo

There are ten amiibo that unlock special rewards in-game, but you can use any other amiibo can to get a little bonus. This can be a handful of coins, extra hearts, or help you spot a hidden moon that you’re yet to grab. So, even if you don’t have any of the following amiibo, you might still be able to get some goodies.

  • Mario Wedding Outfit (Mario Odyssey) – Mario’s top hat and tuxedo
  • Bowser Wedding Outfit (Mario Odyssey) – Bowser’s top hat and tuxedo
  • Peach Wedding Outfit (Mario Odyssey) – Peach’s veil and wedding dress
  • Mario (Super Mario / Smash Bros. / 30th Anniversary) – Classic cap and outfit
  • Luigi (Super Mario / Smash Bros.) – Luigi’s cap and outfit
  • Wario (Super Mario / Smash Bros.) – Wario’s cap and outfit
  • Waluigi (Smash Bros.) – Waluigi’s cap and outfit
  • Dr. Mario (Smash Bros.) – Doctor headgear and outfit
  • Diddy Kong (Smash Bros.) – Diddy Kong hat and outfit
  • Gold or Silver Mario (Smash Bros.) – Gold Mario hat and outfit

Instruction on how to use Super Mario Odyssey amiibo.

How do I use Super Mario Odyssey amiibo?

To use amiibo in Odyssey you need to talk to Uncle amiibo, a little Roomba-looking robot that hangs out near your ship. When prompted, tap an amiibo on the right stick of your controller and bam! There should be rewards flying your way.

That’s all the info you need on Super Mario Odyssey amiibo. We’ve got lots of guides for things like Monster Hunter amiibo, Metroid Dread amiibo, and Skyward Sword amiibo, among others. So, what are you waiting for? Go out and buy that weirdly hard to acquire plastic!