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Mario & Rabbids Sparks of Hope is under $30 in this Prime Day deal

Our mate Mario takes to the skies in his latest tactical outing with his rabbid pals, and this Mario & Rabbids Sparks of Hope deal means you can save some cash.

Mario & Rabbids Sparks of Hope deal: key art shows Mario, his friends, and several Rabbids backed into a corner all holding guns

Watch out, Mario has a gun! Well, a blaster, but it’s all cool because Mazza and his pals are setting off into space in the latest tactical outing for the Mushroom Kingdom gang. We’re big fans of Ubisoft’s Mario and Rabbids series, and thanks to this impressive Mario & Rabbids Sparks of Hope deal you can pick up the latest entry at a bargain price.

This latest deal is a part of Amazon Prime Day, with the company offering some hefty cuts on gadgets, games, and anything else you might need in life. While Mario and Rabbids Sparks of Hope normally knocks around a smooth sixty bucks, this fantastic deal means you can purchase the title for $29.82, or if you’re in the UK grab the ‘Cosmic Edition for £19.99. You can read our Mario & Rabbids Sparks of Hope review to learn why we love it, and why it earns a place in our list of the best tactics games on Switch and mobile.

As always, to take advantage of any Prime Day deals, you have to be an Amazon Prime account holder. However, you can sign up for the Amazon Prime free trial and take the subscription for a spin first, bagging yourself some bargains along the way. Amazon regularly discounts some of the best Switch games, and keep an eye on the best Switch games for kids if you want to grab some cheap gifts for the holidays.

To take advantage of the Mario and Rabbids Sparks of Hope deal, be sure to use our handy link below.

If you need convincing, then you can also watch the Mario & Rabbids Sparks of Hope launch trailer below.

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Alright, tactics fans, we hope this deal helps you treat yourself, or the gamers in your life. If you want to make sure you’re gaming in comfort, then be sure to check out our guide to the best Nintendo Switch controllers next.