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Nintendo is “always working on Mario” despite no Switch announcements

Though we shouldn’t expect a Nintendo Switch reveal soon, Nintendo is always working on Mario games, according to creator Shigeru Miyamoto

Mario Miyamoto quote header showing art of Mario, a man with brown hair, black eyebrows and moustache, with a big round nose and cartoonishly big eyes and mouth, wearing a red shirt and blue dungarees, spinning a red cap with eyes on it around his left finger, with a blue cityscape in the background.

Shigeru Miyamoto recently did a big, lovely interview all about the new Super Nintendo World section of Universal Studios Hollywood. Mario’s creator shared all sorts about the park and its creation, but what I suspect most of us are interested in is videogames.

In the interview with IGN, as picked out by VGC, Miyamoto remained tight-lipped about any upcoming Mario games. “We’re always working on Mario,” he says, “so when we get to a time where we can share information, we’ll certainly do so.”

Oh, that’s a surprise, turns out Nintendo is always working on games featuring its most famous character! Who woulda guessed? But, in all seriousness, at least we know that maybe we shouldn’t hold our breath – it doesn’t sound like an announcement is imminent.

Elsewhere, Miyamoto shared other thoughts about Nintendo’s strengths and weaknesses. “Nintendo has a lot of characters…I think that sometimes Nintendo gets tossed in with other companies in the field of video games,” he says, “but we’ve got to think that Nintendo’s biggest strength is its characters and how that is used in different types of media beyond just games.”

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Meanwhile, he also talks about the upcoming Mario movie: “really trying to leverage all the characters we have and not just limiting ourselves to games, but finding the best media for the characters to thrive in is something we really want to keep an eye on,” Miyamoto says. “If there is a business opportunity, we’d certainly love to explore it. But Nintendo’s a company with many different talents involved.”

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