Check out Seth Rogen’s DK and Cat Mario in new movie clip

New Super Mario Bros. Movie clip gives us a first look at Cat Mario and Seth Rogen’s turn as Donkey Kong, as they battle it out in an arena

Mario movie Donkey Clip screenshot showing Mario in a yellow cat onesie. He has a brown moustache and big round nose, and one hand out in a fierce cat pose.

A new clip gives us our first look at Donkey Kong and Cat Mario in Nintendo and Illumination’s upcoming Super Mario Bros. Movie. We get to hear Seth Rogen’s voice come out of Donkey Kong’s mouth, and it sure is weird! We also got to see Cat Mario and hear Chris Pratt say “meow”…

The Mario movie’s Donkey Kong clip shows the original Jumpman’s nemesis beating him up in some sort of gladiatorial arena as Peach, Toad, and others watch on like Roman emperors. Mario then gets the cat suit and says “meow”, before Seth Rogen says he will murder the Italian plumber. Wowza, I thought videogames were the ones with a violence problem, eh?

Anyway, check out the trailer below, where, of course, things are a lot less violent than when explained on paper. Still, why are Mario and DK fighting it out in this arena? Is this a Smash Bros. reference? Well, the name of the clip is ‘Smash’, so you don’t need to be a detective to pick it up.

Here’s the latest Mario movie clip:

YouTube Thumbnail

We’ll have to wait for the Mario movie’s Donkey Kong fisticuffs conclusion when the film comes out in April, so while we wait, why not check out our favourite Mario characters and Mario wallpapers to spend some more time with the moustachioed icon?