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Mario wallpapers

Our guide to Mario wallpapers is here to help fans of the moustachioed man of the hour, so spruce up your desktop or mobile device with stunning artwork.

Mario wallpapers: a detailed illustration shows ario walking around bob-Omb Battlefield from Super Mario 64

If you want Mario wallpapers, we’ve got ’em. The main man Mario has some epic adventures under his belt, as the portly plumber is known for his visits to the Mushroom Kingdom, Isle Delfino, and even (Tim Curry voice*) space! You’d better believe there are some scenic sights among his adventures, and so we put together a guide to the best Mario wallpapers for fans to reminisce about the good times. So spruce up your computer or your mobile phone with these gorgeous trips down Mario’s memory lane.

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Alright, grab your coins and throw your caps. Let’s a-go and explore our guide to the best Mario wallpapers.

Mario wallpapers: a detailed illustration shows ario walking around bob-Omb Battlefield from Super Mario 64

LogicalHunter5 @Reddit

Is there a game more full to the brim with nostalgic power than Super Mario 64? This reimagining from LogicalHunter 5 takes everything you remember but gives it a lick of paint to bring it up to date. We’ll take a whole game that looks like this, please!

Mario wallpapers: an illustration shows Mario sat on a planet in space, sat next to a Luma from Super Mario Galaxy

Madsraa @Tumblr

It’s weird to say, but Super Mario Galaxy remains one of the more somber and thoughtful entries in a franchise starring a jumping plumber with a bright red hat. This painterly illustration from artist Madsraa captures the tone perfectly and looks beautiful on any desktop.

Mario wallpapers: key art from Super Mario Odyssey shows Mario jumping into the air and throwing Cappy the hat

The Unforgotten @AlphaCoders

It might be recency bias, but Super Mario Odyssey stands supreme in the pantheon of the plumber’s outings, and it’s mostly thanks to Cappy. Throwing the hat onto anything and everything is a rollercoaster of discovery, and this great wallpaper from The Unforgotten brings that energy to life beautifully.

Mario wallpapers: a wallpaper shows several transformations and suits from Super Mario 3D World

ToughLuigi @DeviantArt

Sometimes a Mario game takes one specific feature and runs with it, and in the case of Super Mario 3D World, you’d better believe it’s cats. The colorful platformer is full of fun transformations, but the sight of the Mario gang squeezed into a (let’s face it) fursuit is one that I just can’t get over. If you want a reminder of that sight every day, this artwork from ToughLuigi will certainly do the trick.

Mario wallpapers: a pastel yellow background shows many of the different items and tools from Super Mario Maker 2

WolForan @DeviantArt

If you’re after something a little more subtle, this piece from WolForan could be perfect. Super Mario Maker 2 allows you to make the game of your dreams, so if you also want a soothing background that only gently hints at nerdiness, well you’re in control pal!

Alright, folks, we hope you find something to love in this Mario wallpaper guide, but don’t worry, we always have more. Fans of the plumber should head on over to our articles covering the best Mario Lego sets, and the best Mario toys next.