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We’re confused over random Luma Mario McDonald’s toy

The Mario movie McDonald's toys have finally hit the West, bringing us the same collectible figures as we previously saw in a leak from Japan

Mario Movie McDonald's toys: A picture of the Luma/Lumalee toy, a blue chubby star character with a smiley face, pasted on a blurred background of the Mario movie poster.

With the debut feature film from the Nintendo and Illumination collaboration rapidly approaching, we can finally get our hands on the Mario movie McDonald’s toys as the themed Happy Meals have launched in the US, Europe, and Oceania. As ever, the fast food giant doesn’t disappoint with its fantastic plastic toys, and what’s on offer here may well turn into a collector’s item way down the line.

However, it looks like these plastic wonders which were initially leaked back in December are only included in the US versions of the Happy Meal. Across the pond, we get a range of somewhat disappointing cardboard buildable toys. Given other McDonald’s toys we’ve seen, it could have been worse – we could have got a puzzle.

The Happy Meal website shows us that a set of eight toys are available to collect in the Mario movie meals. This includes Mario in a warp pipe, a karting Toad, Donkey Kong, and Peach, Mario in his kart, a fireball Luigi, Bowser, and a Luma. The Luma in particular is an interesting inclusion as the only character from this line of toys we haven’t seen in a Mario movie trailer yet.

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According to Redditors, the Luma in the toys is specifically a Lumalee, a character from Super Mario Galaxy 2 who appears before boss fights to offer the player the choice between a one-up mushroom and a power mushroom.

The Happy Meal website doesn’t give a definitive end date for the toy campaign, only stating that it’s ‘for a limited time’. The UK’s trailer specifies February 7, so we can expect that both campaigns will end at the same time. Grab yourself a collection while you can!

Screenshot of the Mario movie Mcdonald's toys leaks

There you have it, all you need to know about the Mario movie McDonald’s toy campaign. For more cracking collectables, check out our Mario figure and Sonic figure guides.