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Marvel Move set to give your workout a superpowered boost

A new fitness app is coming in the form of Marvel Move via ZRX, with legions of comic book heroes coming to team up with you on your park run.

Key art for Marvel Move with Daredevil and other heroes on screen

A new way to work out is coming, with Marvel Move enlisting the help of some of the most iconic characters from comic book history to keep you running. Coming from the creators of Zombies, Run!, Six To Start, Marvel Move looks to be one of the narrative options inside the developer’s upcoming app ZRX.

The idea of Marvel Move is to immerse you in a classic Marvel story as you exercise regimen. From the X-Men’s battle against the Sentinels to a classic tale of adventure starring god brothers Thor and Loki, these stories span weeks at a time and slowly unfold as you keep on running, jogging, or whatever exercise it is you do.

With new stories arriving every month, Marvel Move is looking to engage enthusiastic joggers as much as possible. For those who want to go the proverbial extra mile, there’s also the Marvel Move Founders Club, which provides bonuses and behind-the-scenes access for users looking to further engage with the workout app.

When is the Marvel Move release date?

While we don’t have an official release date for the ZRX app of Marvel Move, the trailer below details a summer 2023 release. Keep an eye on this page and the Six to Start Twitter profile to get any further updates.

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There you have it, all you need to know about Marvel Move, the upcoming superhero-powered fitness programme from Six to Start. For more Iron Man and Captain America, check out our picks for the best Marvel games.