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John Cena pushed for a new 2D Metroid

John Cena reportedly mentioned his love for 2D Metroid during a photoshoot in 2017, urging them to make another one and loving Metroid Dread the it arrived

Art from Metroid Dread, a game John Cent reportedly loves, showing Samus going up against a strange, spindly, white robot.

WWE and movie superstar John Cena is a Metroid fan, according to Dan Ryckert, who previously worked for WWE. Speaking on Twitter, Ryckert said that “Cena repeatedly told the Nintendo reps how much he wanted a new 2D Metroid” during a photo shoot in 2017. This came to be, too, with the release of Metroid Dread last year.

Ryckert also added that “when Metroid Dread came out years later, he was sent a copy. Cena’s people sent an email back saying “John loves it.”” It’s not that exciting, but it’s definitely a nice tidbit, just like finding Henry Cavill likes Warhammer. It’s great when celebrities are into niche and nerdy stuff, right?

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You can check out Dan Rycket’s tweet about John Cena’s Metroid love below.

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