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Metroid Prime Remaster is rumoured to be close to completing development

A new report suggests that a remaster of Metroid Prime could be on the way soon

Samus Aran from Metroid Prime sits in her gunship, giving a thumbs up

In a series of recent tweets, Emily Rogers, noted industry insider and contributor for Nintendo World Report,  has hinted that a remaster of the original Metroid Prime is nearing completion. While rumours of a full Metroid Prime Trilogy collection coming to Nintendo Switch have swirled around for years, this instead suggests that the original Metroid Prime will be sold, perhaps with more upgrades than a simple remaster.

Previous reports from several sources, including Liam Roberston of Did You Know Gaming, suggested that work had been put into a remaster of Metroid Prime Trilogy. But the delay of Metroid Prime 4, Retro Studios becoming the developer of Metroid Prime 4, and the issues surrounding COVID 19 have likely heavily disrupted any initial plans.

With COVID delays causing carnage for an entire industry, perhaps initial plans for a full remaster of the Metroid Prime Trilogy changed to focus solely on Metroid Prime, but with more time spent on upgrading and improving the original release. Either way, with Metroid Dread now in the wild, met with both critical acclaim and strong sales for the cult series, the future of Metroid is looking bright.

See the full tweets from Emily Rogers below for more information, including the suggestion that development on Metroid Prime remasters began as early as 2017, well before Retro Studios switched to the development of Metroid Prime 4.

Meanwhile, in a reply to Max Wright of Loot Pots, Liam Robertson recently backed up his claims that a remaster of Metroid Prime Trilogy was in the works, though plans could easily have changed since.

It seems something Metroid Prime related is definitely in the works, and with the development of Metroid Prime 4 now several years deep, hopefully, it won’t be long before something is confirmed. In the meantime, check out our best Switch Metroidvanias guide, so you have enough games to play as we wait for Metroid news.