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Roll the dice with the Minecraft Dungeons & Dragons DLC

There’s new Minecraft Dungeons & Dragons DLC on its way, complete with 20-sided dice, famous locations from the series, and yes, dragons.

Screenshot of a medusa head in the Minecraft Dungeons and Dragons DLC

We’ve seen plenty of crossovers with Mojang and Microsoft’s mammoth sandbox title, but the upcoming Minecraft Dungeons & Dragons DLC is set to introduce new story content, places to visit, and a host of beasties to take on. If you thought the Ender Dragon was scary, just wait for what’s in store here.

The new Minecraft Dungeons & Dragons DLC isn’t just a few skins, this is a proper D&D experience, with the story content including dice rolls for movement, all the classes from the board game, and even some iconic locations like Candlekeep and Icewind Dale. Better still, this DLC offering features fully-voiced dialogue, adding an extra layer of immersion to this unique experience.

There’s plenty of excitement for the Minecraft D&D DLC over at Mojang, with Senior Producer Riccardo Lenzi stating, “we’re incredibly excited to partner with Wizards of the Coast, to introduce a brand new, story-driven Dungeons & Dragons DLC to Minecraft! We can’t wait for the community to dive in and experience a blocky take on the world of D&D.”

While we don’t have an exact Minecraft Dungeons & Dragons DLC release date, we think you can expect it to arrive pretty soon, with the reveal stating a spring 2023 release window. It would make sense for the content to arrive sooner than later, with D&D currently in the spotlight thanks to the new feature film releasing in cinemas.

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There you have it, all you need to know about the upcoming Minecraft Dungeons & Dragons DLC package. For some tips and tricks to take on the Ender Dragon and whatever other winged beasts await, check out our guides for Minecraft builds, Minecraft maps, and Minecraft skins. Or, if it’s more D&D you’re after, see our sister site’s Dungeons & Dragons movie review.