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Minecraft Pringles collaboration pops off with suspicious stew flavour

If you’ve ever wondered what suspicious stew tastes like, the Minecraft Pringles collaboration invites you to find out and earn some tasty rewards.

Minecraft Steve holding a giant Pringle to promote the Minecraft Pringles collaboration. Him and the Pringle are outlined in white and pasted on a slightly blurred background of a Minecraft castle.

Yep, you read that right. A new Minecraft Pringles collaboration brings the unique flavour of the game’s suspicious stew into the real world for us all to enjoy. Well, for those lucky enough to live in the United States and near a participating retailer, enjoy.

Sadly it doesn’t look like these limited-edition snacks will be making the journey across the pond, so the PT team will have to go without for now. Pringles describes the crisps as tasting rich, hearty, savoury, and a novel tasting experience, but doesn’t clarify exactly what suspicious stew tastes like.

This crisp innovation comes after Kellogg’s Minecraft Frosted Flakes took players by storm back in March. Bringing an in-game food like suspicious stew into the real world takes the collaboration one step further, letting fans in on the mystery of what it might taste like. It’s a shame the crisps can’t also give us night vision or a jump boost.

Alongside the new flavour launch, Pringles and Kellogg’s are offering players free Minecoins every time they purchase a Pringles can or certain Kellogg’s cereals. You just need to upload your receipt to the collaboration website to claim your currency.

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