Minecraft servers – how to find and join a server

Minecraft servers add a lot of fun to the ever-lasting title, so use our guide to set up your own, share with friends, and everything else you need to know

Minecraft servers: a screenshot from the world of Minecraft shows a large cathedral-like building built within the Minecraft engine

Minecraft is already a pretty complicated game, and while Minecraft servers add plenty of fun to the incredible title, they can also add to the confusion. However, when you get the swing of them, they offer a neat way to play with friends, join in with large multiplayer games, or just create a familiar space for you and your pals to come back to – servers really are a great part of Minecraft. This guide to Minecraft servers breaks down exactly how to set up and use servers for Minecraft on the Nintendo Switch, what they’re for, and a couple of great examples of servers to join. This is a fantastic way to expand your time with the game, play with other Minecraft fans, and really make the most out of what this huge game has to offer.

If you’re just setting out on a new Minecraft adventure, we’ve got plenty of great guides ready to help you with your fledgling steps into this overwhelming world. Have a read of our guides covering important topics like the Minecraft lectern, Minecraft maps, Minecraft mobs, Minecraft ender dragon, Minecraft end portal, and the best Minecraft games.

What are Minecraft servers?

Minecraft servers are multiplayer game servers, either owned privately or by a larger business, that host different types of worlds and games. This is also how players access the best Minecraft games, as you have to join a custom server to play along with others in games like Bed Wars, Spleef, or TNT Run. They are accessible on every version of Minecraft Bedrock (not Minecraft for Nintendo Switch), as long as players have updated to the latest version of the software.

How do I join Minecraft servers?

It’s very easy to join featured servers on Minecraft, just follow these simple steps.

  • Click play on the home screen to be taken to a list of worlds you can play
  • Switch to the ‘servers’ tab by hitting L or R
  • Peruse the curated selection of the most popular servers and games available right now
  • Enter whichever one you fancy!

Unfortunately, the selection isn’t huge, so you may also want to know how to join a custom server. Joining a custom server is much more complicated, so we suggest taking a look at this detailed breakdown from YouTube creator jbob3mm below.

YouTube Thumbnail

Which Minecraft servers should I join?

We have already covered a few fantastic servers in our guide to the best Minecraft games, while our sister site PCGamesN has also got a great guide on the 15 best Minecraft servers. We also recommend finding games on the popular Minecraft servers Purple Prison, Complex, Immortal, and Jartex Network.

We hope this Minecraft servers guide helps you find your way through the confusing landscape somewhat, and hopefully, you’ve found some great new games to play along the way. To make sure you’re playing Minecraft in style, be sure to check out our guide covering Minecraft skins next.