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New skins sparkle and shine in Mobile Legends’ Allstar 2024 festival

The Mobile Legends Allstar 2024 festival is just around the corner, bringing beautiful free cosmetics and a fresh music group to stan.

Mobile Legends Allstar 2024: Melissa's Sparkle! skin where she's playing the guitar and performing on stage

Gear up for another exciting musical showcase from Moonton’s MOBA universe as Mobile Legends’ Allstar 2024 rave is just around the corner. This year’s showcase also serves as the debut for MLBB’s J-pop group, Sparkle!

Every year, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hosts the Allstar festival, giving players an opportunity to squad up with friends and unlock awesome rewards such as exclusive skins, currency, and battle bonuses. As one of the best mobile MOBAs out there, MLBB has a history of giving back to the community with these massive celebratory events – for example, 2023’s Allstar festival featured a collaboration with K-pop girl group Itzy.

This year’s free skins focus on the members of J-pop group Sparkle!, consisting of Melissa, Estes, and Fredrinn as musicians, with help from Esmerelda behind the scenes. For the first time, not only can you get to know the group and their new look in-game, but Moonton is hosting a live concert to celebrate the Allstar festival. You can pre-register on the website to earn extra rewards and make sure you don’t miss out.

When is the Mobile Legends Allstar 2024 live concert?

Sparkle!’s debut live concert takes plac ate 8pm GMT+8 (12pm GMT/8am ET/5am PT) on March 30, 2024. Based on the trailer, it’s sure to be a blast and features Mobile Legends’ signature stunning animation.

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There’s plenty more to explore after the concert too, including the chance to unlock Allstar skins from previous years and a discounted ten-pull for Vexana’s Twister Fairytale skin. Plus, tons more activities are coming in April, so keep an eye on the official MLBB social media accounts.

That’s everything you need to know about the Mobile Legends Allstar 2024 event. For more awesome mobile action, check out our lists of the best mobile multiplayer games and the best free mobile games next.