Mobile Legends new hero – Mathilda has arrived

Everything we know about the latest Mobile Legends new hero

October 07, 2020: We’ve tidied our Mobile Legends new hero guide.

Who are the upcoming Mobile Legends new heroes? There are currently dozens of powerful heroes in the Mobile Legends roster, and this wildly popular mobile MOBA keeps us on our toes by constantly announcing both brand new and reworked characters.

The latest Mobile Legends heroes are launched first on the Advanced server before making their way to the general public, so we already have some idea of their identity and skills, although these are constantly being modified and balanced ahead of their grand arrival in on the Original server. 

Not only are we anticipating brand new Mobile Legends heroes, but Moonton is also hard at work altering some of its older or more imbalanced characters. These revamped heroes are also tested on the Advanced server, where they’re undoubtedly making waves in our extensive Mobile Legends tier list

Latest MOBILE LEGENDS HEROes  ON the original and advanced servers:



The latest Mobile Legends hero on the Original server is Barats. This deadly dino rider was just added to the game on September 18th. You’ll be able to unlock him at a 30% discount until September 24th.

He’s a tank that rides around on a dino named Detona, and increases in size and power as he defeats his enemies.

Here are some of his most devastating skills:

  • Passive: I AM BIG!: Each time Barats deals damage with his skills, Detona gains a stack of Big Guy for ten seconds, which increases his physical and magic def by three points, and decreases his time controlled by 3%. Big Guy can stack up to 25 times, and will turn his basic attack into an AoE at ten stacks.
  • So-Called Teamwork: Deals up to 200 damage + 8% total HP in a fan-shaped area in front of Barat, slowing affected enemies by 15% for a second. Enemies within the affected area also take 105 + 135% total physical attack damage. The area of effect of this skill increases at six, 11, 16, and 21 stacks of Big Guy.
  • Missiles Expert: Launches a missile that deals up to 450 +125% physical attack damage to enemies in a straight line, pushing them towards Barat.
  • Detona’s Welcome: Deals up to 400 +150% total physical attack damage and pulls the enemy towards him, suppressing it for two seconds and dealing a further 720 +270% total physical attack and + 9% total HP damage and restoring HP.



Mathilda is a very flexible support hero with the ability to rapidly traverse her surroundings. She offers a varied selection of skills that should make her invaluable on the field.

Here’s a closer look at her skills:

  • Ancestral Guidance: Mathilda gains a buff known as Ancestral Guidance when moving. Once it’s fully charged, her next basic attack will benefit from increased magic damage and her movement speed will be boosted.
  • Power of Ancestors: Mathilda is able to summon support wisps to surround and protect her, acting as a powerful shield. More wisps will spawn once her movement distance is increased. This is capped at four stacks. After reaching the time limit or casting this skill, the power of ancestors will cause the accumulated wisps to attack any nearby foes, dealing deadly magic damage.
  • Wind Force: This causes Mathilda to leap to a designated place. Once she lands, she can use the power of ancestors to create a field around her. Any friendly heroes who come into contact with the field will learn a new skill – Wind Force. This boosts the heroes’ movement speed and causes them to blink to Mathilda, who then also benefits from this movement buff. The hero will lose their bonus after a certain amount of time away from the field.
  • Lightness: Mathilda can apply a Soul Mark to an enemy hero, causing them magic damage. If performed again, Mathilda will instantly fly towards her target, at which point wisps will rush to nearby enemies, dealing additional magic damage. After reaching the time limit or casting this skill, Mathilda will rush to her target, knocking any enemies on the patch backwards and dealing even more magic damage. Mathilda also benefits from control immunity during her flight.


This upcoming assassin is on the advanced server right now. Benedetta, much like others in her class, has excellent mobility, DPS, and regen abilities.

Let’s take a look at her skills:

  • Shadow Slash: deals 500 (+40% total physical attack) physical damage then 300  (+70% total physical attack) physical damage. The final attack increases to 200% if the first hits
  • An Eye For An Eye: gains control immunity, blocks all damage for 0.8 seconds, and deals 450 (+50% total physical attack) physical damage, slowing the target by 40% for a second. The slow changes for a stun if a control effect is nullified
  • Alecto: Final Blow: becomes invincible, slows nearby targets by 70% for 0.8 seconds, and deals 120 (+40% total physical attack) physical damage each 0.2 seconds for 2.5 seconds, also slowing the enemy by 0.2 seconds


Brody floods his enemies with damage, inflicting Abyss Marks on each attack, which provides numerous bonus effects.

  • Abyss Corrosion: basic attacks slow enemies by 25% for 0.5 seconds and inflict a stack of Abyss Mark. Each stack increases Brody’s critical damage by 12.5%
  • Abyss Impact: deals 450 (+60% total physical attack) physical damage, inflicting an Abyss Mark and an additional 33% damage for each enemy it hits
  • Corrosive Strike: deals 350 (+75% total physical attack) physical damage and stuns the enemy for 1.2s, inflicting a stack of Abyss Mark
  • Torn-Aprt Memory: deals 480 (+80% total physical attack) physical damage to all targets, resetting all Abyss Marks, and dealing 320 (+50% total physical attack) additional physical damage per Abyss Mark, plus 8% of target’s lost HP


  • Galactic Power: Yve gains a stack of galactic power whenever she deals damage, which increases her movement speed by 2% per stack, with a maximum cap of ten stacks
  • Void Blast: deals 450 (+120% total magic power) magic damage to targets, slowing them by 60% for 0.8 seconds
  • Meteor Fall: deals 240 (+24% total magic power) magic damage to targets. If used again, will deal a further 120 (+12% total magic power) magic damage every 0.3s and slows the target by 30% for three seconds
  • Real World Manipulation: creates a starfield and can use this ultimate 15 times within ten seconds, dealing 550+ (+155% total magic power) magic damage on a tap or 150 (+24% total magic power) magic damage every 0.5 seconds for two seconds, slowing targets, on a slide


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