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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak release date

When can you expect more information on the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak release date, the latest monsters, and all the new gameplay mechanics?

An imposing green wyvern crackles with electricity as they lunge forwards

During the most recent Nintendo Direct, Capcom revealed Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, a “massive expansion” featuring new monsters, locations, and gameplay. Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak follows in the footsteps of the Monster Hunter World: Iceborne expansion, which offered a huge amount of new content and increased the difficulty ranks.

Monster Hunter fans have been hoping for a similar treatment for Rise ever since it was announced, and it looks like they won’t be disappointed. So, when is the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak release date?

As Monster Hunter Rise was released in March 2021, and development lasted four years, hopefully, Sunbreak won’t take quite as long. While additional details were revealed during the 2021 Tokyo Game Show, information is still slim right now, but we will work to update our findings as soon as we know more. Meanwhile, regular updates are still expected for Monster Hunter Rise, including new event quests and additional DLC content.

When is the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Release Date?

The Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak release date fell on June 30, 2022. This is over a year after the original’s release, but it’s listed as a massive expansion, so development has taken some time. This includes a 13GB update for the base Monster Hunter Rise that also becomes available on June 30 and is needed for online play.

What are the new monsters in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak?

An imposing, gigantic monster spreads their wings against a dark purple and red background. They have horns and frills, almost resembling a vampire


Capcom revealed this monster during the very first trailer, Malzeno is an Elder Dragon, seen to be haunting a new locale that players can explore in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. With its blood-red wings and bat-like appearance, many are wondering if this latest monster will be based on a vampire. It’s found amongst castle ruins after all, and we see the monster snatch a Rathalos out of the air by its neck. This latest addition will be the flagship monster for Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, as we see its silhouette on the game’s official logo, much like Magnamalo in Monster Hunter Rise.

A giant enemy crab holds its sharp pincers aloft, ready to strike them down on an opponent. They are both within a large, wet, cave system.

Shogun Ceanataur

This crab-like creature returns from Monster Hunter 2, with its long, sharp pincers able to cut through even the toughest of rocks – and other monsters! We see Ceanataur stalking cave systems and waterways, so we don’t expect to run into this giant enemy crab out in the open.

A fanged wyvern stands tall, covered in ice


A fanged wyvern who can cut through nearly anything with their claws, when they become enraged they incase themselves in ice that acts like armor. They’re inspired by legends of lycanthropes and werewolves.

A huge monkey covered in moss stands imposingly


The fanged beast Garangolm, its left arm is covered in moss and its right arm is covered in magma. When it attacks it uses duel elements of both fire and water.

A monkey-like creature holds fruit weapons

Blood Orange Bishaten

This sub-species of the regular Bishaten throws exploding pinecones instead of its regular items.

An imposing green wyvern crackles with electricity as they lunge forwards


First introduced in Monster Hunter Generations, Astalos returns for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. This glowing green wyvern crackles with electricity, and its wings resemble that of an insect.

Monster Hunter Rise new monsters: the thonred monster Espinas roars menacingly


Espinas is from the Monster Hunter Frontier series. In Spanish, its name means thorns, which isn’t a surprise considering how it looks!

Monster Hunter Rise new monsters: a blind monster with six limbs called Gore Magala swoops down and attacks a Goss Harag

Gore Magala

This glorious beast is the flagship monster from Monster Hunter 4. It may be blind, but its other senses are heightened, so it can find its prey with ease.

Monster Hunter Rise new monsters: A giant crab like enemy

Daimyo Hermitaur

This humongous crustacean uses its claws to form a large shield, but it’s not just defense, it can also rip you apart! Hunters beware.

Monster Hunter Rise new monsters: On top of a volcano there is a gigantic spider spitting fire

Pyre Rakna-Kadaki

A new sub-species of the fearsome arachnid, it now attaches fire to its silk, making this a brutally difficult beast and one not to be underestimated.

Monster Hunter Rise new monsters: a white coloured Narcacuga sits atop a hill bathed in moonlight

Lucent Nargacuga

Head over to our Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak new monsters guide for a more in-depth look at the creatures.

Where is Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak set?

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak takes place at Elgado Outpost, a bustling port town and a research facility home to many scientists. In the latest trailer, we learn it’ll have familiar locations such as a tea shop, a blacksmith, and a merchant.

Is there a Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak trailer?

The Capcom showcase that aired on June 13, 2022, went over lots of new information and unveiled the newest trailer for the upcoming massive expansion.

three characters from Monster Hunter are represented with amiibo figures

Will Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak have amiibo support?

Capcom revealed that the existing Monster Hunter Rise amiibo will in fact work with Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, unlocking additional layered armor for hunters, palamutes, and palicos. It’s not clear yet what support there will be for other amiibo.

Special layered armour is shown for several Monster Hunter characters

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