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Monster Rancher 2 monsters - the more the merrier

There are many weird and wonderful Monster Rancher 2 monsters out there, and our list details all of them, including their types and subtypes

Monster Rancher Mocchi looking at the camera blankly

Do you like monsters? Have you ever dreamed of living your best life on a ranch? Great, Monster Rancher 2 is the game for you. It’s full of weird and wonderful creatures, many of which you must breed and raise, though this doesn’t mean it’s not a dangerous occupation, or that these monsters won’t attack you. Some creatures exist solely to be your enemy. We have to admit, this sounds petty, yet we admire the dedication.

If you’d like to know all of the available Monster Rancher 2 monsters, you need look no further than this list. Here, we name all existing creatures, split them into their individual species, and detail their subtypes.

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Monster Rancher 2 monsters

Each monster has a main type, and that’s how they are listed in this guide. However, each one also has a subtype, which we list alongside each creature.

Four differennt pictures of monsters

Monster Rancher 2 Apes

Name Subtype
Ape Ape
Bossy Gali
Gibberer Hare
Gold dust ???
Rock Ape Glem
Tropical Ape Plant

Monster Rancher 2 Beaclons

Name Subtype
Centurion Durahan
Rocklon Golem
Bethelgeus Dragon
Beaclon Beaclon
Melcarba Henger
Sloth Beetle Tiger
KautRoarKaut Bajarl
Jaggernaut Joker
Ducklon Ducken
Eggplantern ???

Monster Rancher 2 centaurs

Name Subtype
Dragoon Dragon
Ferious Pixie
Trojan Glem
Centaur Centaur
Chariot Durahan
Antares Arrow head
Celious Tiger
Bazoo Bajarl
Reaper Joker
Blue Thunder ???
Trotter ???

Monster Rancher 2 ColorPandoras

Name Subtype
ColorPandora ColorPandora
Liquid Cube Jell
PeachTreeBug Pixie
Dice ???
Tram ???

A round monster on the ranch

Monster Rancher 2 dragons

Name Subtype
Dragon Dragon
Corkasus Beaclon
Tiamat Pixie
Stone Dragon Golem
Tecno Dragon Henger
Armor Dragon Durahan
Hound Dragon Tiger
Crab Dragon Arrow head
Gariel Gali
Oscerot Kato
Dodongo Bajarl
Death Dragon Joker
Gidras Metalner
Ragnaroks Monol
Moo ???

Monster Rancher 2 pixies

Name Subtype
Pixie Pixie
Daina Dragon
Unico Centaur
Jilt Wracky
Granity Golem
Dizxie Zuum
Janne Durahan
Mint Tiger
Lepus Hare
Angel Gali
Kitten Kato
Jinnee Bajarl
Futurity Metalner
Vanity Suezo
Snowy Jill
Lilim Joker
Nagisa Jell
Dryad Mock
Serenity Plant
Silhouette Monol
Night Flyer Worm
Allure Naga
Poison ???
Mia ???
Kasumi ???

Monster Rancher 2 hengers

Name Subtype
Henger Henger
Garlant Dragon
Omega Zuum
Gaia Golem
Heuy Metalner
Automaton Mock
End Bringer Joker
Black Henger Monol
Skeleton ???

Monster Rancher 2 Wrackys

Name Subtype
Draco Doll Dragon
Baby Doll Pixie
Henger Doll Henger
Wracky Wracky
Bakky Bajarl
Pebbly Golem
Petit Knight Durahan
Metal Glay Metalner
Tricker Joker
Mocky Mock
Satan Clause ???

Two monsters facing off in battle

Monster Rancher 2 Golems

Name Subtype
Pink Golem Pixie
Strong Horn Beaclon
Tyrant Dragon
Gobi Henger
Golem Golem
Mariomax Wracky
Battle Rocks Durahan
Dagon Arrow head
Moaigon Hare
Big Blue Tiger
Dao Bajarl
Pressure Zilla
Amenhotep Gali
Sleepyhead Baku
Astro Metalner
Titan Suezo
Angolmor Joker
Poseidon Jell
Wood Golem Mock
Black Golem Monol
Ecoloduardia Plant
Magna Wortm
Marble Guy Naga
Forward Golem ???

Monster Rancher 2 Zuums

Name Subtype
Salamander Dragon
Fairy Saurian Pixie
Rock Saurian Golem
Zuum Zuum
Hound Sarian Tiger
Crab Saurian Arrow head
Hachiro Baku
Spot Saurian Hare
Noble Saurian Gali
Sand Saurian Bajarl
Tasman Kato
Mustardy Suezon
Basilisk Joker
Wood Saurian Mock
Jelly Saurian Jell
Aloha Saurian Plant
Black Saurian Monol
Shell Saurian Worm
Naga Saurian Naga
Zebra Saurian ???

Monster Rancher 2 Durahan

Name Subtype
Durahan Durahan
Vesuvius Dragon
Leziena Pixie
Kelmadics Golem
Hercules Beaclon
Hound Knight Tiger
Metal Glory Metalner
Garuda Phoenix
Genocider Joker
Wood Knight Mock
Ruby Knight ???
Lorica Arrow head
Shogun ???
Kokushi Muso ???

Monster Rancher 2 arrow heads

Name Subtype
Priarocks Golem
Renocraft Hennger
Plated Arrow Durahann
Arrow Head Arrowhead
Mustard Arrow Suezo
Selketo Joker
Log Sawer Mock
Sumopion ???

A pink monster in a green field

Monster Rancher 2 tigers

Name Subtype
Tiger Tiger
Daton Pixie
Datonare Zuum
Rock Hound Golem
Hare Hound Hare
Mono Eyed Suezo
Balon Gali
Jelly Hound Jell
Terror Dog Monol
Jagd Hound Worm
Tropical Dog Plant
Cabalos Naga
White Hound ???

Monster Rancher 2 hoppers

Name Subtype
Skipper Tiger
Draco Hopper Gragon
Hopper Hopper
Fairy Hopper Pixie
Emerald Eye Bajarl
Mustachios Kato
Springer Metalner
Rear Eyed Suezo
Snow Hopper Jill
Sneak Hopper Joker
Pink Hopper Mocchi
Woody Hopper Mock
Frog Hopper ???

Monster Rancher 2 hares

Name Subtype
Hare Hare
Fairy Hare Pixie
Scaled Hare Zuum
Rocky Fur Golem
Prince Hare Gali
Four Eyed Suezo
Jelly Hare Jell
Blue Hare Tiger
Leaf Hare Plant
Evil Hare Monnol
Wild Hare Worm
Purple Hare Naga
Kung Fu Hare ???

A pink monster fighting a skeleton

Monster Rancher 2 Bakus

Name Subtype
Baku Baku
Icebergy Tiger
War Baku Durahan
Magmax Dragon
Higante Golem
Gontar Hare
Nussie Kato
Baku Clown Joker
Giga Plant Jell
Shishi ???

Monster Rancher 2 Galis

Name Subtype
Gali Gali
Scaled Mask Zuum
Furred Mask Hare
Fanged Mask Tiger
Pink Mask Pixie
Stone Mask Glem
Suezo Mask Suezo
Aqua Mask Jell
Galirous Monol
Colorful Plant
Brown Mask Worm
Purple Mask Naga
Happy Mask ???

Monster Rancher 2 Katos

Name Subtype
Kato Kato
Gordish Gali
Pink Kato Mocchi
Citronie Suezo
Blue Kato Tiger
Draco Kato Dragon
Tainted Cat Joker
Ninja Kato ???

Monster Rancher 2 zillas

Name Subtype
Zilla Zilla
Gooji Tiger
Pink Zilla Pixie
Gigalon Jell
Deluxe Liner ???

Monster Rancher 2 Bajarls

Name Subtype
Bajarl Bajarl
Jaba Joker
Boxer Bajarl ???
Magic Bajarl ???
Ultrarl ???

A green dinosaur running across a wall

Monster Rancher 2 mews

Name Subtype
Mew Mew
Mum Mew Pixie
Aqua Mew Jell
Eared Mew Hare
Bowwow Tiger
Swimmer ???

Monster Rancher 2 phoenixes

Name Subtype
Phoenix Phoenix
Xinder Bird ???

Monster Rancher 2 ghosts

Name Subtype
Ghost Ghost
Chef ???

Monster Rancher 2 metalners

Name Subtype
Metalner Metalner
Love Seeker Pixie
Metazol Suezo
Chinois ???

Monster Rancher 2 suezos

Name Subtype
Horn Tiger
Pink Eye Pixie
Furred Suezo Hare
Orion Gali
Rocky Suezo Golem
Melon Suezo Zuum
Green Suezo Plant
Suezo Suezo
Clear Suezo Jell
Red Eye Monol
Fly Eye Worm
Purple Suezo Naga
Gold Suezo ???
Bronze Suezo ???
Birdie ???
Sueki Suezo ???
Silver Suezo ???

Monster Rancher pheonix

Monster Rancher 2 jills

Name Subtype
Jill Jill
Pierry Tiger
Bengal Kato
Pong Pong Pixie
Eondar Hare
Zorjil Suezo
Skull Capped Joker
Pithecan ???

Monster Rancher 2 mocchis

Name Subtype
Knight Mocchi Durahan
Draco Mocchi Dragon
Mocchi Mocchi
Fake Penguin Tiger
Manna Pixie
Nyankoro Kato
Hell Pierrot Joker
Gelatine Jell
Caloriena ???
Mocchini ???
Gentle Mocchi ???

Monster Rancher 2 jokers

Name Subtype
Tombstone Golem
Hell Heart Pixie
Flare Death Dragon
Joker Joker
Odium Bajarl
Blue Terror Tiger
Bloodshed ???

Monster Rancher 2 gaboos

Name Subtype
Gaboo Gaboo
Frozen Gaboo Tiger
Jelly Gaboo Jell
Dokoo Joker
Gabvoo Soldier ???

A skeleton knight

Monster Rancher 2 jells

Name Subtype
Jell Jell
Noble Jell Gali
Pink Jam Pixie
Scaled Jell Zuum
Chloro Jell Plant
Wall Mimic Golem
Muddy Jell Hare
Worm Jell Worm
Clay Monol
Icy Jell Tiger
Purple Jell Naga
Eye Jell Suezo
Metal Jell ???

Monster Rancher 2 undines

Name Subtype
Undine Undine
Siren Joker
Mermaid ???

Monster Rancher 2 nitons

Name Subtype
Niton Niton
Metal Shell Metalner
Ammon Golem
Clear Chell Jell
Baum Kuchen Mock
Stripe Shell Kato
Knight Nito Durahan
Alabia Niton Bajarl
Disc Niton ???
Dribbler ???
Radia Niton ???

Monster Rancher tiger

Monster Rancher 2 mocks

Name Subtype
Mock Mock
Ebony Joker
Pole Mock ???
White Birch ???

Monster Rancher 2 duckens

Name Subtype
Ticken Suezo
Ducken Ducken
Blocken Golem
Cawken ???
Watermelony ???

Monster Rancher 2 plants

Name Subtype
Hare Plant Hare
Rock Plant Golem
Queen Plant Pixie
Usaba Suezo
Plant Plant
Scaled Plant Zuum
Black Plant Monol
Blue Plant Tiger
Mirage Plant Jell
Fly Plant Worm
Gold Plant Gali
Weeds Naga
Reggae Plant ???

Monster Rancher 2 monols

Name Subtype
Ice Candy Jell
Furred Wall Hare
Jura Wall Zuum
Romper Wall Pixie
Sandy Suezo
Monol Monol
Asphaltum Naga
Obelisk Golem
Blue Sponger Tiger
Ivory Wall Gali
New Leaf Plant
Soboros Worm
Scribble ???
Galaxy ???
Dominos ???

A one eyed monster

Monster Rancher 2 worms

Name Subtype
Jelly Worm Jelly
Scaled Worm Zuum
Red Worm Pixie
Black Worm Monol
Purple Worm Naga
Drill Tusk Tiger
Worm Worm
Eye Worm Suezo
Rock Worm Golem
Flower Worm Plant
Corone Hare
Mask Worm Gali
Express Worm ???

Monster Rancher 2 nagas

Name Subtype
Jungler Plant
Naga Naga
Bazula Gali
Stinger Zuum
Ripper Pixie
Trident Golem
Cyclops Suezo
Crimson Eyed Monol
Edgehog Hare
Striker Tiger
Aqua Cutter Jell
Earth Keeper Worm
Time Noise ???

Monster Rance 2 enemy-only monsters

Name Main type Subtype
King Ape Ape ???
Zilla King Zilla ???
Bighand Jill ???
Wild Saurian Zuum ???
Magma Heart Dragon ???
Punisher Naga ???
White Mocchi Mocchi ???
Blue Phoenix Phoenix ???
Mad Gaboo Gaboo ???
Kamui Tiger ???
Sand Golem Golem ???
Sniper Centaur ???
Burning Wall Monnol ???
White Suezo Suezo ???
Bloody Eye Hopper ???
Crescent Kato ???
Silver Face Arrow head ???

Phew, that’s a lot of creatures, but there you have it, our list of all the Monster Rancher 2 monsters. We hope you have a huge ranch to breed all these weird and wonderful beasties. However, if you need a break from looking after them all, we have a great selection of the best Switch games for you to check out.