Our Moonlighter giveaway has now ended

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25 November, 2020: Our Moonlighter giveaway has now ended.

We love a good dungeon-crawler, hacking and slashing our way through room after room packed with horrifying monsters. But it’s nice to have a break, too, and sit back with something a little more homely. We’re talking games like Animal Crossing or Stardew Valley that have a warm, comforting simplicity. Well, what if we told you there’s a game that has the best of both worlds? And what if we told you we were running a giveaway for that game this week…

Moonlighter is a dungeon-crawler/shop-keeping game where you play as Will, a merchant-turned-hero trying to keep his grandfather’s shop alive. In the game, you delve the dungeon, killing monsters and bosses, and then sell the loot you find in your shop, using the money to revitalise your hometown of Rynoka. It’s a really fantastic formula – read our Moonlighter review for more details!

The game originally launched on PC to much critical acclaim, and is coming to iOS on November 19. Lucky for you, we’ve got some copies for this week’s giveaway, so sign up down below if this sounds like you.

In order to enter, simply fill out the box below, though please have a look at our terms and conditions first.

If you can’t wait to play Moonlighter for yourself, you can purchase the game on the App Store from tomorrow. We’ll send the codes out to the lucky winners next Thursday, so keep an eye on your inbox!