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The Motorola bendy concept phone can wrap around your wrists

Could the Motorola bendy concept phone be the phone slapband of the future? Or is it just another idea destined for the cutting room floor?

Official artwork of the Motorola bendy concept phone showing how flexible the device is

Motorola showed off a new level of AI endeavors at this year’s Levono Tech World 23 show, with the Motorola bendy concept phone showcasing flexible display technology. The concept device uses an FHD+ pOLED display that you can bend and shape into different forms depending on your needs and desires.

Impressively, the adaptive display concept can change from a standard Android phone flat position smartphone to being wrapped for a wrist-worn experience – not dissimilar to the slap bands found in kid’s party bags everywhere. It can also be positioned in several stand modes, mirroring some of the devices from our list of the best flip phones.

Motorola showed the 6.9-inch display running a full Android experience when laid flat – just like any other smartphone. In the upright position, you can change the device to self-standing while running a more compact form of full Android on a 4.6-inch display. Most interestingly, the concept can be wrist-wrapped, offering a similar experience to the external display on Motorola razr+ by allowing users to stay connected while on the go.

In a press release, Motorola stated that they understand the importance of personalization for consumers and that’s why they’ve developed a generative AI model that allows users to extend their style to their phone. This concept allows users to upload or capture a picture of their outfit to produce multiple unique AI-generated images that reflect their style and then use these as a custom wallpaper on their device. Flashy!

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Concepts are a funny thing in that they are sometimes a prelude to the tech we will all be using in the future but equally, sometimes they do just stay as a concept. We hope to see the wrist wrap phones in the future – a grown-up slapband indeed.

There you have it, the news that a Motorola bendy concept phone was on display at this year’s Lenovo Tech World 23 show. For more devices from the iconic mobile brand, check out our guide to the best Motorola phones.