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Nifty Games scores a three-pointer with mobile game NBA Clash

The NBA Clash release date is upon us, and that means it’s time for basketball fans worldwide to dive into the small screen mobile game

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The NBA Clash release date is finally here, and we’re sure that’s fantastic news for those of you that love basketball and mobile games. The new title comes to you courtesy of Nifty Games, and it promises to be a great three-pointer full of fun activities, some of which might not be exactly what you expect, thanks to the special abilities on offer.

Of course, no National Basketball Association videogame is complete without all 30 of the league’s teams, including the Celtics, Knicks, 69ers, Lakers, Bulls, and more. Yes, this also means you can expect to see some legendary players on the small screen. In fact, NBA Clash features more than 100 individual athletes.

“It’s tip-off time,” Nifty Games CEO Jon Middleton says.. “We’ve designed NBA Clash to bring the intense, fast-paced action of the NBA® to life on mobile from the ground up. Gamers will be fired up to face off head-to-head with custom teams of their favourite NBA players to rain down threes, break ankles, and wreck rims against friends and opponents around the world.”

What is the NBA Clash release date?

NBA Clash is out now, and is available to download on Google Play and the App Store.

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