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Gobble up Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds’ Thanksgiving feast

The Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds Thanksgiving and Black Friday events offer up a rang of in-game content, including chests, familairs, and more.

The Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds' Thanksgiving feast next to a girl in autumn colors

It’s the most thankful time of year in the US, and Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds’ Thanksgiving celebration is just another thing to be grateful for. Thai update introduces a range of content and events for you to enjoy, including raids, skins, and an AI support system. But wait, isn’t there another special day this week? We say day, but Black Friday feels more like a whole week these days.

To mark the season of sales there’s a Ni No Kuni: Black Friday Shopping Support event, during which you can complete various missions to get rare five-star selection chests, selection capsules, and more. Better still, Muse the Travelling Merchant is to appear more frequently, giving you access to some Black Friday deals in-game. Who knows what goodies you may grab during this event?

Mind you, before you get too excited about those possible bargains, you need to get through a vast Thanksgiving feast. As part of this event, you can earn event tasting tickets if you complete various missions, which allow you to take part in special minigames featuring an abundance of Thanksgiving foods. You can even get a familiar selection to get yourself a cute buddy.

You can also get gold and energy drinks to give your character some pip, which is very handy given how many missions are on offer across the Thanksgiving and Black Friday events.

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Outside of food and deals, this new update opens up the Forward Base Depths raid, which is full of traps and trials; only the strong may survive. For completing this raid, you can get various rewards, though prepare to share the booty, for you have no chance of victory without friends.

We understand that Thanksgiving and Black Friday aren’t for everyone, so check out our best mobile RPGs guide if you need some adventures to distract you.