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Nintendo gives you a link to the past with 2022 year-in-review

Nintendo’s 2022 year-in-review shares all the stats from our time spent with the Switch, letting us all know how much we love playing them videogames

A blurred background of the mushroom kingdom for Nintendo's 2022 year in review with a PNG superimposed In the middle is Mario, a jolly moustachioed dark-haired man in a white suit and top hat, arms and legs wide as he jumps in the air

Ever since Spotify Wrapped let everyone share their music taste, it seems that every big company has started building some sort of statistic collection system for users to understand how much they love using these different services. Some are bone dry and corporate, others, like Nintendo’s 2022 year-in-review, feel a little more colourful.

With its year-in-review, Nintendo shares your most-played games overall, as well as a month-by-month journey through your year with the Switch. It even lets you know if you were an early adopter, taking to a game soon after release, which may be interesting to someone.

Over at Pocket Tactics, we all saw exactly what we expected. My editor and I have Xenoblade Chronicles 3 as our most-played, both with over one hundred hours. Our resident monster expert Connor has a clear type, with Pokémon, Digimon, and Temem all seeing lots of playtime, while Holly splatted away in Splatoon 3.

How do I see my Nintendo 2022 year-in-review?

To find your Nintendo 2022 year-in-review, just head to the website and log in with the account associated with the Nintendo Switch user you want to see. You can then revisit your year with the console and share any data with your friends. Lovely stuff. You can check out the Fire Emblem Engage trailer below if you’re all ready for next year.

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