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Nintendo 3DS gets global fan-led celebration before April shutdown

Before the end of online support for the Nintendo 3DS, you can still celebrate the beloved console thanks to some amazing live events.

Blue Nintendo 3DS next to yellow Pocket Tactics logo

In February, Nintendo announced that the online services for the Nintendo 3DS (and Wii U) will be permanently “discontinued” on April 8. As Nintendo looks ahead to the future and the next generation of its handheld hardware, it marks the official death of the beloved 3DS – the precursor to the Switch. With the 3DS holding a special place in the hearts of many gamers, it’s no surprise that it’s a hard pill to swallow as it symbolizes the end of an era.

Now, however, StreetPass Events is already attempting to resurrect the 3DS, and the aptly-named 3DS Online Revival team has unveiled a series of events designed to celebrate the best 3DS games with the community of the handheld console and ensure its multiplayer spirit lives on, even as official support comes to an end. With these physical and online events, enthusiasts worldwide can come together to commemorate the legacy of the 3DS and preserve its online gaming experience before the looming shutdown of servers on April 8.

One of the highlights of the events is the Miiverse Art Collab, inviting 3DS users to reconnect through rverse and Juxtaposition. Artists are encouraged to showcase their favorite 3DS games alongside their Friend Codes in a collaborative effort culminating in a collage of the most beloved artworks. Simultaneously, any attendees at PAX East will have the chance to join the Live StreetPass Panel scheduled for March 21. Led by prominent figures like Demeech, Nilly896, and AquaTwist, the panel promises an hour of 3DS gameplay, including live sessions of Find Mii 2, as well as engaging discussions about StreetPass memories and its future.

The revival extends beyond celebration, though. The initiative champions a Massive Online Game Preservation project, spotlighting weekends dedicated to reviving multiplayer classics. From thrilling races in CTGP-7’s expanded Mario Kart universe to vibrant community streams on platforms like YouTube and Twitch, players can relive cherished gaming moments and contribute to a shared legacy.

StreetPass 3DS events promo image

You can also mark your calendars for the Global StreetPass Weekend on April 12-14, where 3DS gamers worldwide will gather in public to tag and connect with fellow 3DS fans. As part of this global rendezvous, highlighted events such as the Pokemon VGC Regionals and the London Games Festival promise a great atmosphere for the commemoration of the 3DS’ legacy.

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