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Nintendo and Microsoft sign a deal to bring Call of Duty to Switch

Nintendo and Microsoft now have a ten-year deal bringing Call of Duty titles to the Switch and beyond, with a hint that even more games might be coming

Custom image for Nintendo Microsoft games news of a Switch with the Xbox logo on it

Nintendo and Microsoft have signed a ten-year deal to bring more Call of Duty games to Nintendo Switch. For years, Nintendo owners have been unable to play the massively popular shooter series, with no presence on the platform, but now it’s only a matter of time until you can pull out a pistol and get dangerous in some online deathmatches.

Xbox president Brad Smith made the announcement on Twitter, sharing a graphic that details the plans to bring Call of Duty titles to Switch. The post reveals that not only are CoD titles arriving on the Nintendo platform, but they’ll release the same day, with the same amount of content as the Xbox and PlayStation versions. This is a marked difference from the FIFA approach, with the Switch version obviously sub-par compared to console equivalents.

There’s hope that more Microsoft titles might come to Nintendo outside of Call of Duty, too. The copy above Smith’s Twitter post reads “we’ve now signed a binding 10-year contract to bring Xbox games to Nintendo’s gamers. This is just part of our commitment to bring Xbox games and Activision titles like Call of Duty to more players on more platforms.” Looking at the first part alone, it’s possible more titles might make the platform leap in the future. Pentiment, please?

This news comes as speculation is swirling around the next generation of Nintendo consoles to arrive after the Switch. At no point in the statement does Smith mention the console directly, referring only to Nintendo, with some assuming this means both companies are aiming for CoD releases on future hardware. We’ve seen nothing to suggest that yet, but we’re sure the internet is going to have a fun day tearing the statement apart for hidden meaning.

Screenshot of the Nintendo Microsoft full statement

There you have it, all you need to know about the Nintendo and Microsoft deal to bring more Call of Duty titles to the home of Mario and Zelda. If you don’t want to wait for CoD, check out our picks for the best Switch FPS games.