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Nintendo just gave us another reason to visit San Francisco

America gets yet another Nintendo Store as the Japanese videogame giant gets ready to set up a new shop in San Francisco, California.

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Some may go to see the Golden Gate Bridge, others a huge slice of pizza, sporting fans to watch the 49ers or Giants, and a few to visit the infamous prison known as Alcatraz. Well, thanks to the Nintendo San Francisco shop, videogame enthusiasts have a new reason to visit the San Francisco Bay Area. Let’s-a-go!

Nintendo officially announced its new storefront today, due to open sometime in 2025, making it the second Ninty store in the US – geez, we can’t even get one in London, but America gets two. The first one opened in 2005 in Manhattan, New York, and is currently known as Nintendo New York.

We imagine that much like the store in the Big Apple, Nintendo San Francisco will offer a range of merchandise from your favorite Mario games, Zelda games, and more. In NYC, you can pick up plushies, backpacks, Switch games, and a whole lot of other wonderful Nintendo-based goodies. Seriously, it’s like Christmas for Ninty nerds.

For now, details beyond the store opening in 2025 are pretty scarce, but we can tell you that Nintendo San Francisco is to have a home in Union Square, an iconic shopping duplex that attracts people from around the world. If you’re ever in the Bay Area, it’s one of the places we recommend you visit besides the aforementioned Alcatraz prison and iconic Golden Gate Bridge, which isn’t quite as golden as it is red – until the sun hits the waters below, at least.

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That’s everything we know about Nintendo San Francisco. Now excuse us while we go and play all of the best Switch games in anticipation of the new shop.