Nintendo Switch update finally adds Bluetooth audio support

The latest firmware update adds several new features

A pair of wireless over-ear headphones are shown in front of a collection of Nintendo Switch Lite consoles

Nintendo has announced that in the latest update, support for Bluetooth audio devices is finally available, over four years since the release of the console. You are now able to sync up any Bluetooth audio device for wireless audio, including products like Apple Airpods and Galaxy Earbuds. More information is available on the official Nintendo site.

The latest update also improves the social media functions of the Nintendo Switch, changing the character limit for tweets sent from the device from 140 to 280, in keeping with the updated tweet size. It also includes changes to the general stability of the device, as well as adjustments to the control stick calibration method, and the ability to keep the Nintendo Switch online while in sleep mode.

There’s also the addition of an “Update Dock” option, which allows you to update any Nintendo Switch Dock with a LAN input, ahead of the release of the dock with the Nintendo Switch OLED Model next month.

You can check out all of the features of the upcoming Nintendo Switch OLED model in the latest trailer below, ahead of its October 8 release.

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