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Nintendo Switch data transfer - OLED, animal crossing, and other save data

Keep your Animal Crossing progress, with our Nintendo Switch data transfer guide!

A regular Nintendo Switch and an OLED switch are shown, both playing Animal Crossing. A red arrow points from the older switch towards the OLED Switch.

Nintendo has finally released the Nintendo Switch OLED model, and with it a lot of you are wondering how to get all your data from one Switch to another. Luckily with the power of the cloud, it’s a fairly painless process, but you still need to know a few things.

Especially when it comes to Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which cannot be transferred in the traditional way. Luckily Nintendo has all the information you need, so we’ve placed it here for you to find. So, make sure you don’t miss our Nintendo Switch data transfer guide if you’re the proud owner of a new console.

It’s also really handy to know how to transfer data and users, in case you ever want to pick up a Nintendo Switch Lite. If you own both you can set the Lite as your primary console so it doesn’t need the internet, and then use your main Switch at home, connecting to save data via the cloud. It’s not a very elegant solution, but it works.

Animal Crossing data transfer guide

Nintendo has a detailed explanation of exactly how to transfer both your Animal Crossing: New Horizons island, and your player data. So if you picked up the Nintendo Switch OLED model and want to make sure you don’t lose your progress, you’re in luck. You also don’t need to have a Nintendo Switch Online membership to perform the transfer, which will come as a relief to many.

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Nintendo Switch save data transfer guide

Transferring your saved data from one Nintendo Switch to another is luckily quite simple, and depending on whether or not you have a Nintendo Switch Online membership, there are two different methods.

Nintendo has a detailed guide explaining both processes, but remember that it’s much easier if you have both devices together first. So while you might want to sell that old Switch, hold onto it until you get everything set up at least.

If you’re picking up the Nintendo Switch OLED model, make sure to check out our guide to the very best Nintendo Switch OLED games to make the most of that gorgeous new screen.