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The best Switch OLED model games to play on the new console

What are the best Switch OLED model games? With great screens comes great, playability…

Link glides away from a cliff, over a lake lit beautifully by the setting sun. The landscape is lit up a glowing red colour

This week you can finally get your hands on a shiny new console, this time the Nintendo Switch OLED model. This updated unit features (obviously) a gorgeous OLED screen, that helps to make colours richer and blacks darker, presenting a beautiful contrast that will bring countless Switch games to life like never before.

This new screen is also increased in size, as the bezels on the Switch have been reduced. This larger screen is a big leap, especially when paired with the new technology, and it took us by surprise in our hands-on with the upcoming device. So, what are the best Switch OLED model games to play on release?

Alongside the new screen, the Nintendo Switch OLED model features an improved kickstand, enhanced audio, and even a new integrated LAN port in the dock. The Switch has never been better, so this is the perfect time to revisit some colourful classics or dive into the amazing immersive worlds the Nintendo Switch has to offer.

Without further delay, here’s our list of the best Switch OLED model games.

Link stands holding his sword and shield, gazing out onto red and green coloured trees at sunset

The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

This is an easy pick. Yes, it’s obvious. But counterpoint, Breath Of The Wild is going to look absolutely STUNNING on the OLED screen. The pastel colour palette, gorgeous skylines, and the rich, vivid colour of the setting sun, each is brought to life like never before with enhanced contrast and increased screen size.

There’s an argument that BotW should only be played on a big screen, but with the latest Nintendo Switch model paired with this modern classic, Nintendo might have just crafted the most amazing handheld gaming experience the world has ever seen.

If you’re diving back into Breath Of The Wild, be sure to check out our Breath of the Wild Amiibo guide to make the most of your favourite plastic figures.

Cyrus launches a magical attack at a bandit and his underlings, with sparks of magic flying everywhere

Octopath Traveller

Octopath Traveller already stands out thanks to its distinctive pixelated art style called HD-2D. The amount of detail and colour in the graphics of this engrossing RPG are amazing, and are a real sight to behold on the OLED screen.

RPG titles also have plenty of menus and UI elements you need to pay attention to as well, so that increased screen size is going to make handheld play a lot more viable. Octopath also has a long demo that can carry progress over if you buy the game, so it’s also a great way to test your new OLED Switch and show it off to your mates!

The Knight wanders alone down a dark corridor, dimly lit and full of atmosphere

Hollow Knight

Hold on, I know what you’re thinking. Hollow Knight is a very dark, and atmospheric game that famously uses a very muted colour palette… right? Well that’s exactly why it will look fantastic on the OLED screen. You see, when the OLED wants to present black, instead of lighting up the darkest panel possible, it simply turns it off.

Blacks are therefore very dark compared to surrounding colours, and the contrast makes for a really eye-catching presentation. Hollow Knight is also a game that uses light and colour very sparingly, so those brief flickers of colour illuminating the caves of Hallownest look utterly gorgeous on the OLED device.

Samus hands from a blue ceiling using the Spider Grapple ability, with her gun outstretched in front of her

Metroid Dread

Samus’ latest adventure looks amazing on the Nintendo Switch OLED Model (you can check out our Metroid Dread preview right here) for many of the same reasons we gave for Hollow Knight, but with a futuristic twist. As well as the dark contrast of cave systems and moody corridors, Metroid Dread uses bright blue flashes of technology as well as the shining beams of light coming from Samus’ energy blasts. The fact Metroid Dread releases the same day as the Nintendo Switch OLED model is no accident, this gorgeous new 2D adventure is an astonishing showcase for the versatility of the new OLED display.

A character holds a radio aloft, looking out over a sunset, illuminating the lake and trees in front of them


This classic ‘walking sim’ adventure features a luscious colour palette of warm reds and cold blues, used to accentuate the natural beauty of the American wilderness. It’s also a fantastic game beyond its art style, and the Switch port handles it like a dream. You’ll have to uncover a mystery in the Wyoming wilderness, with only your partner on your radio for company. This gripping adventure was critically lauded upon its release, so if you never got round to it, the Nintendo Switch OLED model could be the perfect way to experience this classic.

Stella stands tall at the fron of her boat, with several characters stood behind her, all admiring the setting sun hanging low over the water


The world’s premier “cosy management sim about death”, Spiritfarer is a unique adventure that feels right at home on Nintendo Switch. This heartfelt adventure has you control Stella, as she helps several characters come to terms with their own death, and helps them pass on to the afterlife. Meanwhile, you decorate your boat with lovely trinkets and different rooms, while working to feed and entertain each guest.

It uses a beautifully detailed cartoon art style, as well as some rich colours to give a real warmth to the different elements and times of the day. We recommend playing it however you can (check out our Spiritfarer review for more), but the colour palette and visual style feel tailor-made for the OLED screen. You can also check out our Spiritfarer interview with the Creative Director once you’ve completed it, to hear more about the title’s influences and its development.

The wolf god Amaterasu hurriedly runs down a path, while a sakura tree is visible behind her, in full bloom with pink petals


Releasing on the PS2, the Wii, and now almost every modern console you can imagine, you’d have to actively try NOT to play Ókami to have avoided it this far. But, if you’re one of the lucky few who haven’t yet played this incredible adventure, well, this could be a perfect time. A Zelda-like where you control the wolf god Amaterasu, you must bring colour and life back to the world, and use your magic Celestial Brush to bring illustrations to life.

Already a visual powerhouse on release thanks to its jaw-dropping Japanese painterly style, the OLED screen brings the world and its colour to a whole new level. Meanwhile, the Switch has fantastic touch controls that make this the best port of a truly unforgettable video game.

Ori in a forest

Ori and The Will of the Wisps

If you’re looking for a game that provides you with colourful, beautiful, and wholesome locations, you need look no further than Ori and the Will of the Wisps. The game is stunning on just about any platform you choose to play it on. However, we can’t help but get excited when thinking about diving back in on the Switch OLED.

A game as picturesque as Ori deserves to be revisited, especially when it’s already incredible aesthetic, will be further improved upon with the OLED. Oh, and the story found within Will of the Wisps is just as beautiful as its appearance. It’s a treat for all Switch players out there, and frankly, we’re a little jealous of those that get to experience it for the first time on the Nintendo Switch OLED.

A Quagsire sitting next to a light

New Pokémon Snap

The brand new OLED screen makes taking photographs of the Pokémon you know and love an even more enjoyable experience. Travelling through areas at night feels like an absolute dream, and the titular monsters are even more vibrant.

You can learn more about this photography game by taking a look at our New Pokémon Snap review.

So, there you have it, our list of the best Switch OLED model games to play on release. We hope you enjoy your lovely new device (or look forward to it arriving at least), and if you need even more to play, but have spent all your savings, make sure you check out our guide on the best free Switch games to help you save some pennies.