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What will the Nintendo Switch holiday game be this year?

Folks are discussing what the Nintendo Switch holiday game will be in 2023, with a variety of different predictions and wishes swirling around online

Nintendo Switch holiday game - a mango yellow background with Mario - a plumber with red top, blue dungarees, big moustache, and animate hat floating above his head with eyes on it, in a wreath for Christmas.

Nintendo Switch holiday games are often a key part of the Japanese developer’s rollout of hits. In the console’s release year of 2017, we saw the instant classic Super Mario Odyssey, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate the year after, and of course the litany of Pokémon games we always get.

So, what is the Nintendo Switch holiday game for 2023? Well, we obviously have no idea yet, with some big games already spoken for, with Fire Emblem Engage almost out and The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom coming in May. But some folks on Reddit have been sharing their hopes and dreams.

Most are hoping for something good, of course. A 3D Donkey Kong game? Possibly. Metroid Prime 4? That’s long overdue. So is a Pikmin 4 release date, though all we have for now is the 2023 window. It’s not set in stone, but Nintendo sure does like having a holiday hit, so it’s not an impossibility.

One person, athenian_idealist11, has a wish that would make any cinema go wild: “My fantasy is that they premiere the Mario Odyssey 2 trailer in front of the movie.” Imagine that? Sat in the cinema with your buddies and you see the sorta new Mario we all actually want.

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This isn’t the only Mario possibility, however, with DannyBright saying, “My guess is 2D Mario. We haven’t gotten one since 2019 (or 2012 if you don’t count ports or the Maker games) and I’m not sure what that team has been working on since 2020.”

Some people don’t even expect a new game, with one person, T-Speed, having quite a believable prediction: “I think they’ll announce a new console and stop releasing big titles by then.” Though not everyone agrees.

The original poster, Rubert-Kuzack, thinks the opposite: “If they are releasing a new console then that’s even more reason to expect them to release a big game. I don’t think they would do the same mistake as they did with the Wii U by launching a new console without any exciting games to go with it.”

Well, I’m no clairvoyant, so how can I say what Nintendo Switch holiday games will come this year? Well, you could say it’s my job to be able to guess that stuff, but I know better than to send out wishes. What do I want most? Just a new Mario, please.

Anyway, if you can’t wait for a new Switch game, why not check out our Fire Emblem Engage review to see if it’s worth picking up to kick off the year?