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Oh my Car! guide: tips, tricks, and cheats

Dude! Where's my Oh my Car guide?

Sometimes it’s fun to kit out cars – to take a rusty hunk of metal, iron out the kinks, and give it a fresh new paint job. That’s exactly what Oh my Car! is all about: taking your customer’s car and turning it into something brand new. But renovations are a tricky business, so we’ve put together an Oh my Car! guide. Whether it’s grinding off paint, fixing dints, or giving your vehicle a fresh paint job, we’ve got plenty of tips to turn your bucket of bolts into a regular race star.

In this Oh my Car! guide we are going to go through the basics of how to play, the secrets required in making money, and some pro tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your renovation experience.

But most of all, Oh my Car! is about having fun. That satisfying feeling of having some broken down hunk of junk roll into your shop, and rolling it back out good as new – this Oh my Car! guide goes through it all.

Here’s everything in our oh my car! guide:

oh my car! how to play: tires, spoilers, and paint

In this section we’re going to give you important info you need for the game. Here’s how to play Oh my Car!:

  • In Oh my Car! your objective is to renovate a customer’s car
  • You do this by completing a series of minigames including: grinding off paint, putting on spoilers, putting air in the tires, re-painting the car, putting on new wheels, and other tasks
  • Some of these games involve timing, like putting air in tires and placing spoilers correctly
  • Other games like painting and grinding off paint are just about making sure you have covered the whole car
  • Depending on how well you do, you can get cash which lets you buy upgrades in the shop, and new skins for your shop tools

oh my car! how to make money: tip jar and top prize

Making money is a key goal in this game. Here’s how to make money in Oh my Car!:

  • Performance: performing tasks well in Oh my Car! gets you more money, so it’s worth learning the mini-games as best as you can
  • Tip Jar: sometimes when you finish a renovation, you can get a tip jar, where if you watch an ad, you can greatly increase the amount of cash you get
  • Top Prize: sometimes after a job you can get a prize box. The first one is free to open, and gives you cash, but if you watch an ad, you can open the other two

oh my car! tips and tricks: how to succeed in oh my car

Some aspects of the game aren’t explained to you, so here are a selection of Oh my Car! tips and tricks to help you out:

  • Align until green: when getting rid of dents in the car, align the car body until it turns green. This is the best position, and earns you the most cash
  • Angle grind and paint: when painting and angle grinding, make sure you do all of the roof, and don’t worry about touching the windows – this game isn’t entirely realistic
  • Pumping tires: to get the pointer in the green when pumping tires, make sure to press before it lands in that section. The pointer keeps going for a little bit after you click, so it’s a good idea to press a little earlier
  • Top prize and Tip Jar: to maximise your earnings, make sure to use the top prize and tip jar – if you don’t mind watching an ad, that is – as you can get a lot more money and greatly increase the cash you get out of a renovation

And those are all of our Oh my Car! tips. If you want to check out the game for yourself, you can find it on Google Play and the App Store. Also if you like car games, be sure to check out the ‘racing’ sections of our best Android games and best iOS games lists.