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Studio Trigger made the Omega Strikers cinematic opening and it rocks

Studio Trigger is known for making some of the most colourful and dynamic anime out there, which is just what the Omega Strikers cinematic opening needed.

Omega Strikers cinematic opening: A close-up of Estelle in the cinematic trailer, animated by Studio Trigger.

Just a few days before the game’s release on Nintendo Switch and mobile, Odyssey Interactive has released the Omega Strikers cinematic opening on Nintendo’s official YouTube channel. The video serves as the game’s opening cutscene, setting the tone for the 3v3 cross-platform footbrawler.

The Legendary Studio Trigger, best known for producing shows like Kill La Kill and Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, is behind the animation for this stellar music video. The song itself is a bop and the Omega Strikers roster all look fantastic in Trigger’s iconic animation style. Former Gainax employee Hiroyuki Imaishi founded Studio Trigger after working on Gurren Lagann, a show that shares Omega Strikers’ vibrant colour palette and diverse cast.

Odyssey Interactive teased the music video on the Omega Strikers’ official Twitter last week, and fans were hyped to hear about the collaboration. Based on the onslaught of excited replies, it seems that Odyssey made a very smart marketing decision.

You’ve got some time before the Omega Strikers release date, and this trailer also reminds you that you can get an exclusive nameplate by pre-ordering the game. The nameplate features some adorable art of Juno, Luna, and Asher getting ice cream together.

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That’s everything you need to know about the Omega Strikers cinematic opening. We got the chance to chat to the Omega Strikers team at GDC, so make sure to check out our interview with them next.