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Once Human gets exciting trailer and mobile announcement

If you're waiting anxiously for the upcoming survival game Once Human, you can now sign up for the Beta test and check out the new trailer all at once.

Once Human trailer screenshot

NetEase’s Starry Studio has unveiled a special trailer for its upcoming supernatural open-world survival game Once Human, and announced that the imminent Beta period begins on March 28th, 2024. The announcement also promises a brand-new mobile version, broadening the accessibility of the SCP lore-inspired (think Stranger Things, basically) game to a wider audience.

Upon its arrival, Once Human will immerse you in the SCP world as you navigate a space infested with terrifying, anomalous creatures. The game equips you with a deadly combination of firearms weapons and powerful supernatural abilities that you must use to survive, confront existential threats, and rebuild humanity’s shattered communities. The promise of the game’s immersive world and multiplayer gameplay means that it already ranks in second place on Steam’s list of the most anticipated multiplayer online survival games. Adding to all the hype is the reveal that it’ll join the ranks of the best mobile games you can take with you to play anywhere, anytime.

The Beta test promises to let you get in on innovative features, including menacing new monsters and expansive gameplay areas. One highlight is the unveiling of Eternaland, a personalized zone where you can construct structures, uncover mysteries, and engage in puzzle-solving activities with your allies. Additionally, in response to player feedback, Starry Studios has integrated a new PVP season too, enhancing the game’s competitive dynamics to keep you on your toes and at the top of your game.

If you’re as eager to experience Once Human’s world as we are, you can secure your spot in the upcoming Beta by visiting the official website. Registration for the mobile version test is currently open, with pre-download options soon to be available for PC users.

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