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Oregon Trail goes Farmville with Boom Town on iOS, Android

The Oregon Trail: Boom Town is out now on iOS and Android, taking the classic adventure game for a mobile spin round the Farmville block.

Oregon Trail Boom Town mobile key art showing four cartoon people, all with big moustaches dressed like cowboys from America.

The Oregon Trail: Boom Town is now available for iOS and Android. A free-to-play settlement sim, the game takes the classic series to a different realm, with a Facebook game aesthetic reminiscent of Farmville.

The original text-based Oregon Trail came out in 1971, while the 1985 release is likely the best-known one. Boom Town doesn’t appear to take too many cues from its namesake – other than the fact it involves following the Oregon Trail.

Whether this free-to-play title has the wheels for the journey is less clear, but developer Enixan has a long history of making games in this genre – in fact, they have multiple games based around farming – so it might be worth giving a go if you love harvesting crops.

You can check out the trailer below.

YouTube Thumbnail

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