Whimsical free-to-play MMO Palia heads to Switch this year

Cozy gamers - this ones for you. Singularity 6’s cute MMO, Palia, launches on Nintendo Switch this holiday season completely free.

Palia release date: a robot sat on a dock fishing in a lake

Get ready to head into a new adventure in a cozy world – the Palia release date is set for 2023’s Holiday season on Nintendo Switch. There’s also a PC-based stress test for the upcoming multiplayer game next month.

Palia marks the first project for developer Singularity 6, and will be a free-to-play game at release. The cozy MMO features hours of story content, plus as much adventure as you can pack in with other players as you explore, craft, and discover this new world.

The game has an extensive character creator with tons of customization options, bolstered by both free and premium choices of clothing and accessories. Personalization doesn’t stop with your own person, though – you can build your homestead in thousands of ways and create a unique build through internal and external design.

You need to gather items and refine them in order to craft your own creations while speaking to villagers to discover more stories and opportunities for fishing, foraging, and much more. There’s a designated tailor, innkeeper, furniture maker – you name it, Palia has a loveable NPC for it.

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Singularity 6 promises plenty of post-launch updates including story expansion, in-game events, and other fun things to get involved with. If you can’t quite wait until the Switch release, then you can join the PC stress test on July 6 by signing up on the site.

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