Idle RPG mobile game Panilla Saga gets a Western release

Fans in the West finally get a Panilla Saga release date, and pre-registrations are now open for both iOS and Android users - sign up to get some rewards!

Panilla Saga release date key art that depicts a rangee of heroes and their weapons

If there’s one thing the mobile games sector isn’t short on, it’s idle RPGs, but when they look as good as Panilla Saga, we’re all for it. You may or may not recognise the name of Ujoygames’ title, as it’s already out in the wild for an Eastern audience, from which it boasts more than one million players.

However, there’s now a Panilla Saga release date for players in North America, South America, Europe, and Oceania. Better yet, you can already sign up for Panilla Saga pre-registration on both iOS and Android devices. If you do, then you can get your hands on some great in-game rewards to help you get a headstart when you begin your adventure.

In Panilla Saga, you find yourself in the middle of a war, one that means this once peaceful world is now full of death and destruction. Furthermore, there are six factions that fight for dominance, each of which has a different history and traits. This can certainly affect which heroes you choose to take into battle.

At launch, there are more than 100 heroes for you to choose from across six different classes, each with its own strengths and weaknesses.

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What is the Panilla Saga release date?

Panilla Saga releases in the West on October 26.

Where can I sign up for Panilla Saga pre-registration?

If you want to pre-register for Panilla Saga, you can do so via Google Play or the App Store. If you do, you can get numerous goodies:

  • SSR Arthur
  • Ten gold summon vouchers
  • 500 diamonds
  • 60 silver hero cards
  • One million coins

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