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Papers, Please lets us through to a free LCD, Please demake

Papers, Please releases on retro consoles… sort of. Ok, it just looks retro, but the Papers, Please demake gives us another go at life in Arstotzka.

Papers Please demake: official artwork to celebrate Papers Please

Let’s say happy birthday to Papers, Please, and celebrate its tenth anniversary by playing the Papers, Please demake, titled LCD, Please. It’s a fantastic puzzle game that’s as rewarding as it is a head-scratcher.

It’s been ten years since Lukas Pope first released the game and I still can’t remember all the city states, but now LCD, Please offers a different way to play. You can find it right here and set out on a new career on a smaller, almost Game and Watch-like screen.

There are fewer buttons to deal with and no copious files and folders – and if you’re thinking that makes it harder, then you’d be correct. There’s also a new hard mode if you want to ramp it up even more.

We don’t have Papers, Please on Switch, but you can play it on iOS and Android via the App Store and Google Play respectively. It’s currently on sale for a cool $1.99 on all platforms – so grab it now if you have your eye on it. Glory to Arstotzka.

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There’s been an uptick in retro releases recently, including a McDonald’s Game Boy Color game and the cute Goodboy Galaxy heading to Game Boy Advance. We do wonder where this trend will go in the future.

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