Pascals Wager’s aquatic expansion Tides of Oblivion surfaces on August 20

Tipsworks has today announced that the newest expansion for Pascal’s Wager arrives on August 20. Tides of Oblivion has been anticipated for a fair while, and brings the Action-RPG to a brand new aquatic setting – Ichthyosauria. Though a mouthful of sea water to say, the new setting adds fresh enemies, characters, and new adventures for the player, as they sound the depths of Ichthyosauria and dredge up its secrets for themselves.

The actual setup of Tides of Oblivion is fairly simple – Jerold, a familiar friend, asks Terence to team up with him to travel to the land of Ichthyosauria, and find a way to save it. Jerold is also the new playable character, and if the trailer is anything to go by, he seems to be a duelist who wields a rapier, with a courtly manner of fighting.

For those that don’t know Pascal’s Wager, it’s basically mobile’s answer to Dark Souls, channeling influences from the FromSoftware series to create an outstanding mobile Action-RPG – just read our Pascal’s Wager review if you don’t believe us! The new setting of Ichthyosauria gives off some serious fishing hamlet vibes from Bloodborne’s Old Hunter DLC, so we’re super excited to see that expanded on!

You can watch the trailer for Tides of Oblivion below, which features a little gameplay, and some suitably ominous narration:

If you want to pick up Pascal’s Wager now, in prep for when Tides of Oblivion launches on August 20, you can find it on Google Play and the App Store.

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