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Picross S+ brings back several 3DS Picross games in one package

Japanese developer Jupiter announces Picros S+, a new entry with the option to buy multiple Picross e 3DS titles. Hopefully the Picross S+ release date is near.

Picross S+ release date: key art shows a Picross game for Nintendo Switch

There is plenty of Picross on Switch. Honestly, there’s so much it’s getting a bit ridiculous. But do you know what we’d love to see? A little bit more Picross… Well, great news, developer Jupiter is working on a brand new entry, and you don’t have long to wait for the Picross S+ release date. Though, you can check out the best Switch puzzle games while you wait

Eager Picross fans (like me) already know that the Switch is home to ten of the puzzling titles, thanks to Jupiter’s Picross S, S2, and so on, all the way to Picross S9. In fact, just recently, all Picross games got an update allowing for touch-screen controls. Well, Picross S+ isn’t just adding to the vast library, it’s bringing back some fan favorites.

Picross S+ begins with the puzzles from the 3DS title Picross e for $4.99 (£3.99), while users can then purchase every subsequent 3DS entry (up to Picross e9) for the same price. Each entry features 150 puzzles, so this is a whopping amount of Picross puzzles for your pennies, and many of these are now delisted. Plus, Picross e9 is currently Japan-only, and its inclusion in Picross S+ is the first time it’s graced Western shores. We can’t wait to cozy up with countless Picross puzzles soon.

When is the Picross S+ release date?

Currently, Jupiter is not listing an exact release date for Picross S+, but the company is listing the game for 2024. We hope to learn more about the title soon.

Is there a Picross S+ trailer?

There isn’t a Picross S+ trailer yet, but you can check out the trailer for Jupiter’s recent entry, Picross S9, below.

YouTube Thumbnail

Alright, puzzle maniacs, that’s all we have on the Picross S+ release date for now! If you want even more fun games to play, be sure to check out our guide to the best mobile puzzle games next.