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More flavours of Sushi Pikmin roll into mobile game Pikmin Bloom

A new flavour of decor is in town - Pikmin Bloom sushi Pikmin decorations have blossomed into the game and can be found in suitable locations

Pikmin Bloom sushi variant: three new decorative outfits for your Pikmin

Rejoice, fellow food fans! More Pikmin Bloom sushi Pikmin decorations are now available in Pikmin Bloom. Head out to your local sushi spot and grab some new gear for your Pikmin to wear!

Three new flavours of outfits featuring two kinds of fish and what appears to be tofu are now available for your red, blue, and yellow Pikmin. You can find these new decorations near real-world sushi restaurants, which the game notes by a sushi-shaped icon, conveniently in the nearby locations section.

Not only can you find them in the wild, but any seedlings you find near a sushi restaurant have a chance to be clad in a fine foodstuff. Just raise the friendship level with them and you too can be the proud owner of sushi-themed Pikmin.

In order to get these new ‘Min, all you need to do is to make sure your app is up to date with to v63 or later in order for these new foody friends to show up.

These new Pikmin variants add to an existing menu of Pikmin decorative items and are the second wave of sushi-specific snacks – the first of which released back in the spring of 2022.

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