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Pocket Sniper! guide: tips, tricks, and cheats

Our Pocket Sniper guide will get you shooting like an Olympic champion

Pocket Sniper! is a puzzle game where your trigger finger is truly put to the test. You play as a sniper whose job is to take out a bunch of baddies. How you take these targets down is up to you, just know that the most efficient and accurate snipers earn the most cash.

Sniping games aren’t new to the world of mobile gaming, but Pocket Sniper! is no ordinary puzzle game. The best way I can describe the gameplay is, Angry Birds meets Sniper Elite. The environments are littered with destructible objects, explosives, and balloons carrying massive weights. Time your shots to perfection to clear the level in as few bullets as possible.

Although the crux of the game is to snipe unsuspecting victims, there are other, more enjoyable ways to clear each level. After around ten levels, you will unlock the use of an RPG, with three shots. If you thought sniping people with the slowdown effect was satisfying, imagine blowing up everything on screen with a single rocket.

Everything you need to know about PockeT Sniper:

Pocket Sniper! download: How to get on ios

Unfortunately for our Android friends, Pocket Sniper! is not available on Google Play yet. It is available right now on the App Store if you have an iOS device.

POCKET SNIPER! APK: can you get it on Android?

Once again, it appears Android users are missing out as we could not find an APK download link. However, the game may well spring up on the Google Play sometime in the future.

POCKET SNIPER! PC: How to play on the big screen

After some extensive research, it does not look like Pocket Sniper! is available to play on PC. If this changes, we will be sure to let you know!

POCKET SNIPER! online: Can you play multiplayer?

Pocket Sniper is a single-player game with no multiplayer capabilities at the moment of writing.

POCKET SNIPER! tips, tricks, and cheats

If you are looking for some superb Pocket Sniper! tips, then keep reading:

  • Time your shots: shooting two people with one bullet isn’t just fun, it’s environmentally friendly. The game rewards your inner environmentalist by paying out larger sums of cash for more efficient snipers
  • Don’t buy skins: each gun you unlock has several skins you can purchase using your cash. We recommend not buying any colour variants. This is because, the best looking colour for each sniper is gold, which you unlock when you get a certain number of kills with each gun
  • Upgrade your damage: spend cash to upgrade your damage. The enemies gain more health the more levels you complete. So, to keep a headshot as a one-shot kill, you will need to upgrade your damage
  • Stick with a gun: if you are going for gold on all snipers, the best way to achieve this is one at a time. Almost all the snipers increase in damage as you unlock them, which makes getting kills with older guns harder as you progress. You will need to shoot enemies multiple times in the later levels
  • Use the RPG: whenever you get the RPG, use it. It takes a lot of levels to charge up again, so there is no point having it sat there gathering dust. Grab it, put a smile back on your face, then go back to sniping

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