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The Pokémon Masters EX 3.5 year celebration sends greetings from Galar

Get ready for a party as the Pokémon Masters EX 3.5 year celebration and Pokémon Day bring Galar goodies galore to the mobile battling game

Pokemon Masters EX 3.5 year celebration: Bede, Hop, and Marnie in their neo champion outfits standing in front of their Galarian birds.

The Pokémon Company and DeNA Co kicked off the Pokémon Masters EX 3.5 year celebration with the announcement of three very special sync pairs that are coming to the game from the Galar region. Hop, Marnie, and Bede from Pokémon Sword and Shield along with their partner Pokémon Galarian Zapdos, Moltres, and Articuno are now available to meet in-game.

The three trainers are Galar’s Neo Champions and are all Master sync pairs. This means they have master passive skills that can boost your entire team’s performance in battle. You can meet them all in a special story event titled ‘Neo Champions: Fight for the Future Together’ from now until March 24.

Marnie and Moltres are the first pair that you can roll for, and their fair scout is available from now until April 8. Next up are Hop and Zapdos who appear from March 1, followed shortly after by Bede and Articuno on March 3. You need plenty of resources to grab all three champions, so it’s a good thing that you can earn up to 6,000 gems through login bonuses celebrating Pokémon Day and Pokémon Masters EX’s anniversary.

On top of all this, Leon and Charizard are back and are available to scout from now until March 17. A new event that lets you earn and hatch eggs to collect all of Meowth’s regional forms is also running from now until March 14.

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Finally, you can claim up to 100 free scouts by logging in daily between now and March 27 to receive ten 10-Pair Scout Tickets across ten days.

That’s everything you need to know about the Pokémon Masters EX 3.5-year celebration. The Pokémon Presents gave us loads of exciting Pokénews, so why not read more about the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet DLC or the Pokémon Sleep release date?